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Brainteasers – Issue 41, 2019

Running towards danger?

Smiley Guy leaves home at a mad sprint, he runs a distance and turns left, he runs the same distance and turns left again, then he runs the same distance and turns left yet again.  When he finally gets home, there are two masked men waiting for him.  Who are they?

Don’t feed the wildlife!

Smiley Guy leaves his campsite one morning and hikes a mile south, then he turns and hikes a mile west, then turns and hikes a mile north, at which point he arrives back at his camp to find a bear rummaging through his tent. What color is the bear?

Poetic Riddles:

My life can be measured in hours,

I serve by being devoured.

If thin, I am quick; if fat, I am slow.

And the wind is certainly my foe…

What am I?

I have an eye, but am blind;

a sea, but no water;

a bee, but no honey;

tea but no coffee;

and a why, but no answer…

What am I?

Bobby’s friends with Jimmy, but not Joe.

He plays in sleet but not the snow.

He rides in jeeps, but never vans;

Drinking bottles, never cans,

Always willing, seldom game…

He’s mostly harmless, but not quite tame.

Bob never counts, when he can tally…

So, who would he prefer to name:

Would she be Sara, or call her Sally?

And a few one-liners:

What has a head and a tail but no body?

The more of these you take, the more you leave behind… What are they?

I am gentle enough to soothe the skin, light enough to fly, yet hard enough to crack a rock… What am I?

In 2015, a person was 15 years old.  Yet, in 2020, that same person will be 10 years old.  How can this be?

A sundial has the fewest moving parts of any timepiece.  Which has the most?

Answers below…

Keep going (are you sure you don’t want to solve these on your own?):


The umpire and the catcher



(English) Alphabet

Sally (double letters)

A coin


Water (liquid, vapor, ice)

The person was born in 2030 BC

An hourglass (thousands of grains of sand)