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AutomationDirect Now Offers Convenient Pickup Lockers For Customers to Retrieve Orders Quickly and Easily

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Everyone loves to save time, and now AutomationDirect customers will do just that when they pick up their orders at our warehouse locations. In fact, we expect they will spend less than a minute retrieving their items using the new Customer Pickup Locker system– now that’s some major time savings!

After two years of successful testing by a team of our logistics, customer service and warehouse employees, this collaboration has made magic happen for our customers. They developed and evaluated all the processes involved and determined the changes that were needed to successfully launch the service at both warehouse locations. The locker system runs efficiently and is now available for all customers needing fast and convenient package pickup.

“This new pickup service is a great advantage to our customers,” said Kevin Garrett, Order Fulfillment Team Lead. “Our team has worked diligently to put this option in place, and we are excited to roll it out. We tested the locker pickup process and heard nothing but good things from the customers who used it. From the testing, we learned that most customers spend less than a minute picking up their packages compared to the various steps, calls, and waiting that they had to do previously to get orders. We believe this time savings will be welcomed by our customers.”

To take advantage of the locker pickup service, once a customer places an order on the AutomationDirect website they simply choose the onsite pickup option. Our employees retrieve and process the order, then send an email notification to the customer that the order is ready for pickup. The email contains a code that the customer will use to access their packages via the lockers. It also contains a QR code and helpful pickup instructions.

How Locker Pickup Works

QR Code

When the customer arrives at either of the AutomationDirect warehouse locations, they can park in the  customer pickup spots reserved on both sides of the parking lot. These spots will be especially helpful for customers who are driving large trucks and need to be able to turn around easily. Once at the lockers, customers access the appropriate locker by simply following the prompts on the computer kiosk screen or by scanning the QR code in their email.

The system then verifies the order and the locker containing the customer’s order opens, allowing customers to retrieve their packages quickly and easily.

Locker with box

For customers who need help with their orders once they get onsite, they can use the kiosk to call the AutomationDirect Reception desk. If needed, the reception employees can contact the Logistics team leads or the Service Desk to further assist.

Many Orders Are Available for Locker Pickup

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Garrett noted that many but not all customer pickups are able to be placed in the lockers at this time. “Large order sizes, courier pickups, and employee pickups are not available via the lockers right now,” he said. Our goal is to offer customers a variety of pickup methods so they can choose which suits them best for any given order.”

July 18, 2023