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Enclosures: The Silent Hero of Every Industry

Have you ever noticed that enclosures are everywhere? Most people encounter them every day and don’t even realize it. We pass enclosures several times a day; we walk into our garage and chances are there is an enclosure we know as the breaker box. We climb in our cars and head to our office and we drive by enclosures in every intersection that house electrical and automation equipment that control street lights and walk signals. Maybe we drive by a cell tower that has enclosures housing controls and communication equipment, and basically, if you pay attention you will realize that enclosures are everywhere; restaurants, gas stations, city parks, your office building, and so many more places. Enclosures are widely used to protect us from electrical shock hazards as well as protect all the equipment, controls and devices inside it from any damage. AutomationDirect understands the importance of enclosures; high quality enclosures ensure personal safety and reliable operation of the housed components. This is why we provide almost 5,000 quality enclosures from top manufacturers, available in various sizes, materials and types to fit your needs. Our offering ranges from basic models that provide low protection to units that meet the strict requirements of industries such as Food and Beverage, pharmaceuticals, and industrial facilities with harsh environments. Included on this page are a series of articles, videos, and other resources that may help answer questions, provide useful information and maybe even offer a solution for your enclosure needs.


Product Focus Brochure: Enclosures

Today’s enclosures are designed with features and materials that allow safe and protective use in hazardous areas, but also designed to be pleasing to the eye. Download our Product Focus on Enclosures to learn more now! Read More –>


Hubbell-Wiegmann| History of World Class Electrical Enclosures

Among the less publicized events of 1928 was the founding of the E.M. Wiegmann & Co. in Freeburg, IL by Edgar Maurice Wiegmann who had an incredible desire to work with metals. Read More –>

Thermal Management Systems | White Paper

Thermal Management Systems | White Paper

Fluctuating temperatures in  harsh factory or plant environments can make thermal management of enclosures a difficult task. With many different options available to maintain consistent thermal management, the correct or most budget-friendly choice isn’t always obvious. Read More –>


480V Enclosure Air Conditioners KickStart

AutomationDirect has expanded its Stratus™ line of enclosure air conditioners to include 480V models. Heat inside an enclosure can decrease life expectancy in controlling units such as PLCs, HMI, and AC drives. Watch Now –>


Enclosure Thermal Management: Product Types and Selection Overview

Industrial facilities use many electrical enclosures to house automation and electrical components. In this SlideShare, you will learn about the different types of climate control, reasons for use, and how to select and size the right enclosure thermal management solution for your specific needs. Read More –>


Practical Guide to Electrical Enclosures for Industrial Applications

AutomationDirect’s Enclosures Handbook delves into the world of enclosures with informative chapters on selecting the correct enclosures for your environment. You’ll also see dedicated chapters to NEMA and IP ratings as well as thermal management solutions and selecting. Read More –>