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Nine Years Strong – First Team Honoree

For the ninth year in a row, Automation World readers have voted for their “First Team” suppliers in PMMI Media Group’s 2020 Leadership in Automation program. This year, AutomationDirect made “First Team” in the following categories:

  • HMI Hardware
  • HMI Software
  • PLCs/PACs

First Team Honoree

Automation World, a leading business magazine serving automation professionals, asks their subscribers to vote for their favorite automation vendors in unaided-recall surveys. Kurt Belisle, Publisher of Automation World, says “We’re pleased to recognize the First Team Honorees who offer both excellent customer service and best-in-class product innovation.”

Over two dozen categories are featured, representing the wide variety of automation technologies, software and products in use by today’s manufacturing professionals across the discrete, batch and continuous process manufacturing industries.

Bill Dehner, Technical Marketer for AutomationDirect says, “It’s great to know that customers are not only finding our products but that they are extremely pleased with their quality and capabilities. To be a preferred supplier for any product is a big deal but when the products are highly technical and take years of development, like PLCs and HMIs, the recognition is extra rewarding. We couldn’t be happier and thanks to all who took the time to vote for us.”

Stay tuned for more great product innovations from AutomationDirect in 2020 and beyond.