Product Snapshots – Issue 3, 2005

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including: Screwless terminal blocks, 100 Mb Ethernet modules, sink/source module for Terminator I/O, Think and Do Live! programming.

Screwless Terminal Blocks Added To Connection Systems Line

Screwless Terminal Blocks AutomationDirect now offers screwless terminal blocks, including feed-through, double-level, one-to-two connection, two-to-two connection, and knife blade disconnect models, along with a line of accessories.

Screwless clamp technology offers many benefits not found in traditional terminal blocks. Without screws, connections can typically be made in half the time. Wiring occurs on the top of the terminal blocks, making it easier for installers to fully insert wires into the spring clamps. Screwless terminals also offer vibration-proof connections and are maintenance-free, since screw clamps apply constant tension to the wires.

Feed-through terminal blocks connect two wires together and are available in sizes suitable for up to 8 AWG. They are sold in packages of 50 in blue or gray.

Double-level terminal blocks offer twice the wiring density of feed-through blocks and are available in packages of 25 in gray or blue. Cross-connected, LED and diode style double-level models are also available, in packages of 10.

One connection-to-two connection and two connection-to-two connection terminal blocks allow multiple wires to be tied together by way of multiple spring clamps. They are available in packages of 25. LED and diode styles are also available, in packages of 10.

Knife blade disconnect terminal blocks allow fast circuit disconnection without rewiring by using a pivoting, insulated “knife blade”. They are available in gray in packages of 25. Ground terminal blocks are used to mechanically and electrically connect wires to a DIN rail by means of a conducting clamp foot, allowing the DIN rail to function as a ground bus bar. Ground blocks are molded in green and yellow to meet international standards. They are available in packages of 10.

A line of accessories, including DIN rail, end brackets and covers, angled support brackets, jumper bars and marking accessories rounds out the offering.

100 Mb Ethernet I/O and Communication Modules For DirectLOGIC PLCs

100 Mb Ethernet I/O and Communication Modules AutomationDirect now offers a 100 Mb Ethernet I/O base controller module and Ethernet communication module for the DirectLOGIC line of PLCs.

The H2-EBC100 Ethernet Base Controller module provides a low-cost, high-performance Ethernet link between DL205 I/O and a PC-based control system or WinPLC/DL205/ DL405 CPUs using AutomationDirect’s Ethernet Remote Master module for remote I/O. The module can also be used to connect DL205 I/O to a MODBUS TCP/IP client (master). The module is compatible with TCP/IP, IPX and MODBUS TCP/IP protocols for flexible PC communications. EBC modules support a virtually unlimited number of I/O points, deterministic I/O updates on dedicated networks, and fast I/O updates (<1ms per base). An on-board serial port is available for connection to operator panels, ASCII In/Out, etc.

PC-based control software is available that is ready to use with the H2-EBC100 module. These packages are equipped with compatible I/O device drivers, program development tools, and run-time environments.

The H2-ECOM100 supports the industry standard MODBUS TCP/IP Client/Server protocol in addition to standard IP and IPX protocols. This allows a DL205 PLC with an
H2-ECOM100 module to serve as a client (master) or as a server (slave) on a MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet network. The H2-ECOM100 can actively issue MODBUS commands to other nodes or devices on the MODBUS TCP/IP network or simply respond to connected MODBUS TCP/IP clients.

Free NetEdit3 software ships with the H2-ECOM100 User Manual and is used to configure the modules for a network. Flexible addressing allows the choice of protocols and identifying methods. Each module can be assigned a number, a name or both. An
IP address is not necessary, but can be used if needed for the network. NetEdit3 uses two protocols for PC-to-PLC communications.

Click here for more information on the new 100 MB Ethernet I/O and communication modules forDirectLOGIC PLCs

8-Channel Sink/Source Module Available For Terminator I/O

8-Channel Sink/Source Module

The T1H-08TDS, an 8-channel, isolated 2 amp DC output module, is now available for AutomationDirect’s Terminator field I/O, a practical network I/O solution for remote I/O, PC-based control, and distributed control applications. The module features electric over current protection and eight fully isolated channels and sink or sourcing wiring options. The module has a voltage range of 5-36 VDC.

Click here for more information on the new 8-channel sink/source modules available for Terminator I/O

New Think and Do Live! WinPLC Programming Pack 

Think and Do Live! WinPLC Programming Pack A Think & Do Live! software programming pack (V5.51) for AutomationDirect’s DL205 WinPLC is now available. The package offers WinPLC users a low-cost development environment with the same control and connectivity features as the standard Think & Do Live! package for applications that do not require separate PC HMI screens. The Think & Do Live! WinPLC programming pack features flowchart logic, simple I/O configution, WinPLC ModbusTCP Ethernet port and Modbus RTU serial port drivers, and OPC Client and server. The package includes one development system license on CD-ROM, a Certificate of Integrity, and user manual.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers Offer Circuit Protection And Save Panel Space

Molded Case Circuit Breakers AutomationDirect has introduced a line of Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) that offers UL489 listed performance for branch circuit overcurrent protection and disconnecting means. The circuit breakers’ small size saves panel space, compared to standard breakers or comparable fusible devices. The MCCBs use patented contact conductor designs featuring high-speed “blow-open” action that results in superior performance when high level fault currents produce extraordinary electromechanical forces. They also feature advanced arc extinguishing technology, and a toggle handle that provides three positions (on/off/tripped) along with visual indicators. A line of accessories is also available for the MCCBs.