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Productivity2000 PLC Analog and Specialty I/O Modules from AutomationDirect

The AutomationDirect Productivity2000® PLC is a modular, rack-based system with a full lineup of discrete, analog and specialty I/O modules providing over 400 local I/O points. With remote expansion, over 4,000 total I/O points are available.

Two new 4-channel analog input modules (from $159.00) provide 0-20 mA or 0-10 VDC inputs, and two new 4-channel analog output modules supply 4-20 mA or +/- 10 VDC outputs.

The new P2-02HSC high-speed counter module ($88.00) provides two independent single-ended 5-24 VDC inputs that accept up to 100kHz of pulse/direction and quadrature signals. The P2-04PWM pulse width modulation module ($97.00) supplies four channels of 5-24 VDC, sinking or sourcing, 0-20 kHz, 0-100% duty cycle outputs.

The high-performance Productivity2000 CPU has 50Mb memory, fast scan times and five communication ports including Ethernet that allow programming, expansion and client/server connections (Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP scanner and adapters).

AutomationDirect provides free ProductivitySuite programming software and offers free online Productivity PLC training. The entire Productivity2000 PLC system is backed by a full two-year warranty.

About AutomationDirect:

In business since 1994, AutomationDirect is a distributor offering thousands of industrial automation products for electrical control systems, including PLCs, operator interfaces, AC drives, motors, stepper systems, sensors, motor controls, enclosures and more. Their prices are typically well below the list price of more traditional automation companies because of their business model and focus on efficiency and the majority of their products are stocked for same-day shipping. Plus, get free two-day delivery on orders over $49; some limitations apply. For more information, contact them at 800-633-0405 or visit

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Originally Published: 6/2020