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Simple PLC & HMI Solutions for Small Applications

What do you need in a PLC or HMI? Are you looking for ones with advanced features like onboard data logging or a built-in webserver? Great, we can help you with that. Or do you just need something basic, a simple controller or interface that’s easy to program and that almost anyone can maintain? Well, we can help there too. For those small straightforward applications, we have the simple control solution you need. Whether it’s turning on a sprinkler, controlling a fan, or replacing some old-fashioned relay control, our low-cost CLICK PLCs and C-more Micro HMIs give you the perfect amount of control without the unnecessary overkill. And for those who might be new to PLCs and HMIs, these two product lines are an excellent place to begin. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s Daryl in Doniphan, MO’s take on it: “We have used many different PLC Controllers but the Click PLC is easy to use for the new people that are getting into using Logic Controllers for the first time yet they are powerful enough, with the extra slots that can be added on to them, to allow you to do complex operations…” I couldn’t have said it any better! So if your next project is a small one that’s short on time and money, or if you just want to automate something around your plant or home to make life a little easier, CLICK PLCs and C-more Micro HMIs can provide the ideal control solution. Check out the articles below for more on simple PLC/HMI solutions, how they can be used, and what they can provide.

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How A Simple PLC Makes Automation Easy

Since their invention, PLCs have become the go-to control choice for automation projects worldwide. And although there are a multitude of PLC choices and technologies in today’s market, sometimes simple is better. Read More –>


What is an HMI and What Can It Do for You?

It’s believed that our brains can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, with 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain being visual, and over half of the brain being devoted directly or indirectly to vision. Knowing that, one can conclude that using a visual representation of a machine or automated system would allow for faster recognition and understanding of system variables. And that’s where the HMI comes in to play. Read More –>


CLICK PLCs and Pneumatics Team Up for Success at Ridgeline Machine

Find out how the CLICK PLC reinvented some older machinery at Ridgeline Machine. Read More –>


Bringing Life to an Old Machine at American Tag & Label

Learn how the CLICK PLC and C-more HMI provided an affordable solution for a company who needed a way to fix their printing stamps. Read More –>


System Integrators Talk | HMI Projects

In this “System Integrators Talk” segment, we queried our System Integrators Group on LinkedIn with a question on HMIs, and gathered their collective wisdom into one beneficial post. Learn more about how to get started on your HMI projects. Read More –>


Bio Diesel Fuel Gets a Boost From Automation

Check out how the CLICK PLC helped turn used cooking oil into bio diesel fuel in a few quick, easy steps! Read More –>


Are CLICK PLCs Really That Simple? – A DIY PLC Project

This first hand account on building an automated garden demonstrates why CLICK PLCs are ideal for small projects. Read More –>


Ladder Logic Instructions – The Basics

Dig a little deeper into how ladder logic works with an explanation on boolean math and logic gates. Read More –>


AutomationDirect Adds Entry-Level 3-inch C-more Micro HMI Panels 5 Tips for an Effective HMI Design

Check out this informative slideshare on how to create an effective HMI design quickly and easily! Read More –>



The Bulgarian Bat Detector – Simulating Bat Echolocation

Learn how CLICK PLCs were used to simulate a bat’s echolocation for an exhibit at the Children’s Center of Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria. Read More –>


Raising the Curtain on STEM Education

STEM education is becoming more important in today’s fast-paced technical world. But some kids may have a difficult time with traditional STEM classes especially when a student doesn’t think they’re a “math or science type.” One way to encourage an awareness of STEM is to look for activities that already attract many talented kids. In this case, AutomationDirect took its cue from the theater. Read More –>


Copley High School’s Automation Success

Copley High School’s Automation Success

The Innovator team at Copley High School in Akron, Ohio needed to design a piece of equipment to snap caps together for Weaver Industries ProPak, a company that has been employing people with disabilities for about 40 years. With the existing assembly method, Weaver was struggling to meet production and contract requirements for component assembly. Until they discovered the CLICK PLC. Read More –>


Micro PLCs versus Programmable Relays White Paper

The line between programmable relays and micro PLCs has moved to a much lower price point over the last few years, making a micro PLC a better option for controlling many small to medium size machines. Read More –>