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SteamVR (Vive, Rift, etc) Simulation of the 2022 FIRST Robotics Rapid React Game Field

That’s right … strap on your HTC VIVE , Valve Index, OCULUS RIFT or most SteamVR headsets and go play around on the RAPID REACT field.
See how the CARGO passes through the hub, get a real first person view from the driver station, and take a shot from behind the terminal! It’s like being on a real field.

REMINDER: This VR Simulation requires STEAM VR to be installed on your PC and that you have an HTC VIVE, Valve Index or OCULUS RIFT Headset. It may work on others, but we haven’t tested on those yet.

The lead animator from the recent FRC Game animations (STRONGHOLD, STEAMWORKS, POWER-UP, DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, INFINITE RECHARGE, RAPID REACT) also programs virtual reality games in his spare time. So, he took the assets from the FRC RAPID REACT Game Animation and dropped them into VR to give you a VERY realistic view and feel of the field:

Click thumbnail to view video

>>>>>> Download the SteamVR version for Vive, Rift, Index here: << LINK >>> <<<<<<<

*** OCULUS QUEST USERS – Go HERE for a QUEST only version!***

In this version (2022-01-08) you can:
1. Walk and transport around the field,
2. Pickup or “force grab” CARGO
3. Throw CARGO,
4. View the field from all 6 driver stations,
5. Score CARGO in upper and lower hubs
6. Pass CARGO through TERMINAL,
7. Score CARGO from Human Player Station behind terminal

Here are some images from the simulation: