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Supplier Profile: Klemsan

If you aren’t familiar with Klemsan, take a few minutes to learn about this impressive 49-year-old Turkish company that manufactures and sells low voltage connectors and accessories and energy management systems to customers throughout the world.

Klemsan headquarters

The company was founded in 1974 and entered the market with terminal block products. Through the years, Klemsan has become a global brand that manufactures a wide variety of products in different product groups like electronics, electrotechnicals, and installation. As a market leader brand in Turkey, Klemsan exports all those products to many other countries.

In large part, the company’s growth is thanks to its continuous product innovations, investments in manufacturing efficiencies, and a distribution network of seven offices in Turkey and six others around the globe. The company boasts some impressive stats, including:

  • Manufactures and sells six product groups
  • Employs 350 people with sales teams in six countries
  • Has its own Research & Development center in Turkey with 40 employees
  • Exports to 118 countries
  • Serves as the first manufacturer of DIN Rail Terminal Blocks in Turkey
  • Was the first Turkish company to produce military grade connectors

Klemsan is owned by Feka Group, which acquired the company in 1998. Feka was founded in 1985 as a construction company to provide services in the entire range of the general contracting industry. Feka provides clients in Turkey and other countries with reliable and reasonable solutions to their most complex construction challenges. Also, in 2021, ENR noted FEKA in the list of the Top 250 International Contractors.

Since being acquired, Klemsan has grown tremendously and now exports its products to many other countries. Part of that growth is due to its focus on earning international certifications for its products. In fact, Klemsan products meet many different manufacturing and industry certifications. The company is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, and IRIS certified manufacturer. Its comprehensive product portfolio complies with IEC directives and carries the VDE, ATEX, CE, UL, cUL, CSA, DNV approvals, giving them a global passport to international markets. Klemsan was the fourth company in the world entitled to have IRIS certification among all terminal block manufacturers. Earning these certifications is key to Klemsan’s products being able to be used around the world and preferred by customers in many applications.

“Klemsan has become a global company and brand thanks to our continuous product improvements and manufacturing investments and improvements, as well as our certification adaptations,” said General Manager Can Acarbay. “This long-standing focus has driven our growth and is very important to us today as well.”

To maintain that focus and growth, Klemsan regularly extends its product range and production capacity by investing in comprehensive research and development, useful product certifications, and manufacturing technologies.

“By doing these improvements continually, we help ensure that our products are delivered to customers everywhere with the same quality under all conditions as per international standards and compliances,” Acarbay said. “Meeting – and even exceeding – customer expectations is a key part of our history and our future too.”

Products Used in a Range of Industries and Applications

So, what does Klemsan design, manufacture, and sell?

  • Electrotechnical, electronics, and wire and cable management products
  • Embedded software and hardware for electronic products and special software for test apparatus-devices
  • Marking systems
  • Customized connectors and solutions

Klemsan provides integrated products and customized solutions, combining its design and manufacturing capabilities in automation, energy management, and software. Its products fall into four main groups:

“Customers rely on Klemsan engineering, products, and expertise in many applications to help power, automate, and operate their equipment, plants, and systems,” said Acarbay. “Our high-quality, sought-after products are used in many substations, power distribution, electric panels, SCADA systems, industrial machines, automation, oil and gas, heavy industries, elevators, construction, railroad, and marine applications and industries. Our quality focus, international certifications and usage, and innovative nature makes us a reliable choice for our customers.”

AutomationDirect sells Klemsan interface relay jumpers, relays, and separator plates. Relay jumpers, also called jumper bars or terminal block jumpers, are short lengths of conductor – typically copper –

that connect two or more points within an electrical circuit. Relay jumpers are often preferred and used in control panels and industrial wiring systems for several reasons.

First, they are easier and faster to insert in systems compared to wires and thus reduce the need to have bulky wires connecting multiple points. Also, they can be used to connect power distribution sources in a panel to motors and other electrical equipment such as circuit boards. Finally, they can be easily grouped together in an application, making for efficiency and simplicity in system design.

AutomationDirect began offering these Klemsan products in 2012.

R&D and Innovation Drive Growth

At Klemsan’s Research and Development center in Turkey, employees work to improve the company’s terminal blocks, wiring ducts, marking system, electronic products, military connectors, and IoT platform. They help the company on its path to continue to grow and offer innovative solutions to customers.

“We want to become a global company that provides cutting edge solutions to the problems in the industry, keeping the focus on customer satisfaction, continuous investment on research and development, manufacturing efficiency, and creating value for both our customers and employees,” Acarbay said. “Our R&D team, in house quality lab and tooling shop is certainly helping us do that.”

Looking Ahead

Klemsan is now focused on expanding the manufacturing capacity and product groups with new layouts and up-to-date technologies in its own facilities in Turkey. Investments have been made to provide manufacturing area expansions and new sites.

Moreover, Klemsan is running some of product and manufacturing improvement projects with the technical universities in Turkey. This close collaboration leads to many successful patent projects and technical improvements. Klemsan accepts around 20 apprentices every year from technical high schools or bachelor programs.

The company looks forward to continuing to provide high quality low voltage connectors and accessories and energy management systems to customers throughout the world.