Thermistor Input Module Added

AutomationDirect’s Terminator I/O line includes a new thermistor input module for the Do-more T1H-series PLCs. The T1F-16TMST is a 16-channel Thermistor input module with a temperature input range of -40° to 150° C (-40° to 300° F) and a resolution of +/- 0.1°C or °F.

thermistor-modules-5x7Thermistors have a very high sensitivity making them extremely responsive to changes in temperature. Priced at $399.00, the T1F-16TMST supports the most commonly used NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors.

Available to use as part of the Terminator Field I/O system or with the economical Do-more T1H series PLC, the Do-more T1H PLC supports stackable base units, discrete and analog  I/O modules, along with Ethernet connectivity and custom communication protocols as built-in functions. A Do-more T1H CPU supports up to 256 I/O points in three stackable rows. For larger applications, Ethernet-based remote I/O can be connected for hundreds of additional digital and analog I/O points.

Learn more about Terminator I/O thermistor modules here.

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