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“People’s Choice” for a Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient Solar-Powered Home – Issue 29, 2014

UrbanEden, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s entry to the Solar Decathlon 2013, is a concept home consisting of four connected indoor and outdoor spaces that create a unique…

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Switching to Do-more Saves Time – Issue 27, 2013

Almost 14 years ago, I converted the controls in my 80KW hydro electric plant, located in the mountains of western North Carolina, from custom micro-controller cards I developed while at Georgia Tech to the DirectLOGIC DL205 PLC with a D2-260 …

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Students help Manufacturing Center See AND Do More – Issue 27, 2013

When the mechatronics students at Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) in Hickory, North Carolina, went looking for a suitable project to challenge their recently acquired PLC and HMI skills, they didn’t have to go far.  The college’s Manufacturing Solutions Center …

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Illinois Institute of Technology Competes in Hybrid Racing – Issue 25, 2013

A student team, lead by Donald Ruffatto, from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) SAE International chapter contacted AutomationDirect in late 2011, asking detailed questions about our Productivity3000 Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). They were planning to use it to control …

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Gas Turbine Repurposed With PLCs – Issue 24, 2012

The Midwest Propulsion Group is a jet engine club dedicated to increasing the engineering knowledge and experience base of students by providing real-world engineering tasks related to gas turbine restoration and performance analysis, as well as finding vehicular applications for …

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Reducing Total Cost of Ownership – Issue 24, 2012

Automation is a key component when developing strategies to help customers reduce their operating costs.

Many times when making buying decisions, people look only at the initial price of an item without considering other factors that contribute to the overall …

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Biodiesel Fuel Gets a Boost from Automation – Issue 23, 2012

Systems produce biodiesel for a total cost as low as 67 cents per gallon, turning waste into profit.

Imagine if restaurants and other commercial food enterprises could turn used kitchen oil into fuel instead of simply disposing of it. Then …

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Greenspeed Chases Green Fuel Speed Record – Issue 22, 2012

Greenspeed is a group of seven students at Boise State University who are on a mission to create the world’s fastest vegetable oil-powered vehicle. Where did they come up with such an idea?…

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Cellular Remote Access Gives Companies Competitive Edge

Internet and cellular technology make monitoring and control easier than ever.

The automation world, with its distant and often isolated sites, has long sought reliable remote access to cut costs and improve reliability. Instead of sending technicians to distant locations, …

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Top 10 Tips: Specifying VFDs (Part Two of a Two-Part Series) – Issue 21, 2011

This is part two of a two-part series on variable frequency drives. In Part One, we discussed how choosing the right variable frequency drive (VFD) can reduce energy consumption, improve realtime control, and lengthen motor life. Here are more expert …

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