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Manufacturing Wants You – Issue 29, 2014

As veterans leave the military, manufacturers are recruiting for their skills.

I grew up in Dalton, Georgia. Known as the “Carpet Capitol of the World,” it seemed there was either a carpet mill or a carpet dealer on every corner.…

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Automating a Donut Packaging and Labeling Line – Issue 25, 2013

When people hear the name Mel-O-Cream, they usually think of donuts. Founded in 1932 as a retail shop in Springfield, Ill, Mel-O-Cream International (www.mel-o-cream.com) manufactures bakery products, primarily for wholesale distribution to supermarkets and bakeries.…

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Robot Use Becomes More Widespread

As robot capabilities expand and costs drop, machine builders and system integrators are creating tightly integrated robot-automation solutions for production lines.…

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PLCs Automate Reliability Testing

AutomationDirect PLCs enable continuous life-cycle testing, provide data collection, and shorten product design and verification cycles at Viking Range.…

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Bringing Life to an Old Machine – Issue 24, 2012

An innovative employee at American Label & Tag was an automation neophyte, but AutomationDirect’s customer support showed him the way.…

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Reducing Total Cost of Ownership – Issue 24, 2012

Automation is a key component when developing strategies to help customers reduce their operating costs.

Many times when making buying decisions, people look only at the initial price of an item without considering other factors that contribute to the overall …

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Cloud Computing in the Forecast – Issue 23, 2012

Cloud-based applications promise to deliver benefits for industrial applications, but implementation challenges exist.

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly attractive for business and personal applications where its low cost solutions and fast deployment help companies and individuals save time and money.…

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Control System? – Issue 19, 2011

Are your machine or robot control systems good enough, or should you make a change?

The machines and robots you build work well. You’ve kept up with periodic improvements. Most of your support calls are predictable. Why rock the boat?…

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Internet Use Clicks with Machine, Robot Builders – Issue 21, 2011

Machine and robot builders are increasingly turning to the Internet for product research. The Internet has become a legitimate avenue for researching automation products needed by machine and robot builders, and the use of vendor websites is emerging as the …

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Maintaining Machine Quality While Reducing Time to Market – Issue 18, 2010

Machine and robot builder OEMs and their end user customers face similar challenges. For OEMs in a highly competitive market, quick machine delivery can make the difference between getting the order and losing it to a competitor.

In a challenging …

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