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ASO Safety Solutions – Supplier Profile

In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy worried about lions, tigers, and bears as she began her journey. While those animals certainly can be frightening, in our automated world, safety concerns are different. Doors, gates, and machines can pose hazards to people and property if they don’t work properly: garage doors should stop if something is under them, freezer room doors must seal correctly to keep food safe, and doors to industrial machines should offer protection while the equipment is operating.

To keep people and machinery safe, AutomationDirect offers products from ASO Safety Solutions, a leader in providing innovative safety solutions and sensor systems for automating doors, gates, and machines. ASO’s safety products are used on swing and crash test gates, rolling doors, sliding doors and gates, bi-fold doors, garage doors, and cooler doors. They are designed to operate in all kinds of indoor and outdoor environments, including those with very cold temperatures, oil and grease, or chemicals.

A Safety Pioneer

ASO was founded in 1984 in Germany and formed ASO Safety Solutions in 2004. The company was a pioneer in the safety solutions industry and continues that tradition today. Approximately 200 employees worldwide produce safety mats, edges and relays, as well as controls and customer-specific sensor solutions.

ASO Safety Solutions building“Our driving force is safety,” said Helmut Friedrich, Owner, President and CEO of ASO Safety Solutions. “From the beginning, protection and safety have been the most important aspects for our company and govern our daily operations. We are working toward a world in which a person’s safety and physical integrity is no longer determined by retail prices and legislation. We strongly believe that automation and progress are supposed to serve mankind instead of endangering it.”

In addition to headquarters and production facilities in Lippstadt, Germany, and Rockaway, New Jersey, the company has subsidiaries in France and the United Kingdom. ASO also operates distribution centers throughout Europe and has a global dealer network.

Mats, Edges, and Relays Protect People and Property

ASO’s long-term focus on providing high-quality equipment offers AutomationDirect customers the opportunity to select safety mats, edges, and relays to meet their particular needs for doors, gates, and machines.

ASO’s safety mats detect a presence on horizontal surfaces such as a floor. They can be used on any surface and are usually placed near a machine, door or gate’s possible crushing or shearing points. The safety function is triggered when a person steps on the mat. Safety contact edges are pressure-sensitive sensors that detect a presence at possible danger points. They are typically installed near automatic gates and other machinery to protect people from bodily harm or machinery from damage. Safety relays are used to wire the mats and edges for fail-safe triggering of the intended safety function.

Leading the Safety Industry

ASO participates in industry meetings, conferences, and events around the world. These include the Gate Safety Conference in the United Kingdom and ASO Infotag in Germany where the company’s customers meet to discuss the news, standards, and other developments in the door and gate industry. The company is a member of safety standards committees in Germany and the United States and hosts international sales meetings where ASO sales partners get together.

“When we say we desire a world in which automation keeps people safe and makes their lives easier, we mean it,” Friedrich said. “We get involved with associations and committees to directly contribute to the development of pioneering legal guidelines and provisions.”

ADC Supplier Profile – ASO Safety Solutions

ASO is known for closely working with its customers to customize safety solutions that address their specific needs and applications. Many times, developing those solutions translates into new products. “Our innovative approach combined with traditional craftsmen skills is what gives us the technological advantage,” Friedrich said. “This unique expertise and perspective gives us the opportunity to play an important part in forming dynamic developments in this industry.”

Focused on Customer Solutions

Friedrich notes that ASO invests regularly in research and development to be prepared for the demands of ever-increasing safety requirements in both the industry and society overall. At its test center in Germany, ASO develops new products, constantly improves existing technologies, and tailors products to customers’ needs. The company simulates various customer applications and tests the quality and performance of its products.

“We work closely with our customers to study all contingencies which can occur during the usage of the products,” Friedrich said. “We consider whether they plan to use them on different continents and evaluate local requirements. We simulate every application and test prototypes under the most realistic conditions possible. The results are safety solutions for doors, gates, and industrial applications which meet the general requirements but also offer added value.”

Although ASO’s products for doors, gates, and machines won’t help Dorothy reach The Wizard of Oz, they do help many customers throughout the world solve their automation needs. The company plans to expand its production center in Germany next year and open operations in the Pacific Asia region in the immediate future as well – furthering the company’s mission of keeping mankind safe.

To learn more about ASO Safety Solutions, visit their website here.

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