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Leadshine – Motion Control Supplier Profile

Superior product quality. Close collaboration with customers. Professional technical and customer support. Strong research and development. A great value for the price. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) note these key attributes when talking about Leadshine Technology Co. Ltd. and the motion control products and solutions it manufactures.

Leadshine works with OEMs around the world in the electronics, semiconductor, textile, medical, packaging, lab automation, printing, robotics, machine tools, and new energy industries to develop innovative solutions for their motion control needs. The company manufactures a line of easy to use stepping drives and systems called the DM series.

Making Superior Quality Products Since 1997

Warren Li, a PhD graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a former professor of robotics and automation, founded Leadshine in 1997. Since then, he has led Leadshine to become a leading technology supplier dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing, and support of reliable and affordable motion control products.

Leadshine has its U.S. headquarters and manufacturing center in Foothill Ranch, California, and two other manufacturing and headquarters facilities in China and Hong Kong. The company employs 1,000+ people who design, make, sell, and service a full line of motion controllers, control systems, integrated servos, servo drives and motors, easy servo drives and motors, integrated easy servo motors, integrated steppers, and stepper drives and motors. Its factories are ISO 9001 certified which allows the company to provide its highly reliable products to clients in the shortest time. In addition, many of its products carry CE and TUV certification.

“We are proud to provide customers all over the world with advanced motion control products that meet their specific production needs,” said Chris Li, U.S. Sales Manager for Leadshine. “Our motto is ‘Leading Technology, Shining Value,’ and our goal is to provide those to customers at all times. We collaborate closely with our customers, suppliers, and partners to find solutions that benefit all of us and the motion control industry as well.”

Leadshine is one of the largest stepper motor drive manufacturers in the world, serving 8,000+ OEM customers from 50+ countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, and Africa. Its products are used in a wide variety of applications, including CNC routers, mills, plasmas, lathes, laser cutters/engravers/markers, inkjet printers, plotters, electronics equipment, solar panel assembly product lines, EV battery manufacturing equipment, pick & place equipment, medical equipment, semiconductor assembly and inspection machines, pick-and-place devices, and textile machines.

Li explained that Leadshine products and technology are closely related to the daily lives of people globally.

“Our products are widely adopted in intelligent equipment from clothing, food processing, furniture, and transportation to electronics, information technology, and medical. Anywhere intelligent equipment exists, Leadshine products can be also there. To meet the needs of motion control needs of intelligent equipment, we provide three major types of product: motion controllers (which are equivalent to the electronic brains), drivers (which are equivalent to the electronic hearts), and motors (which are equivalent to the electronic hands and feet),” he said.

He shared a recent example of how the company’s motion control products have helped people across the planet.

“Our products helped medical manufacturers throughout the world ramp up production of medical masks needed to help combat the COVID-19 virus. We love knowing how our products help companies and the people they serve,” Li said.

The company has sold almost one million stepper drives, more than 100,000 servo drives, and more than 30,000 motion controllers. This high number of sales enables the company to buy high quality materials and components at the lowest prices. It then passes these cost savings on to customers. Its products are typically priced about 30 percent lower than its competitors and feature either 12- or 24-month warranties based on the product and model.

Collaborating Closely with Customers

Leadshine’s wide variety of off-the-shelf products satisfy the motion control needs of many of its customers. However, the company also takes pride in collaborating closely with customers who have special requirements.

It employs more than 100 engineers on its research and development teams, many of whom hold master’s and PhD degrees in controls, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, computer engineering, and computer science. They work together with customers to understand the motion or motions that need to be controlled in a particular environment or application. Then, they develop customized products and solutions with optimized performance for these applications. Many of these innovative design solutions have been awarded patents. In fact, the company holds more than 165 patents around the world.

“Our engineers work with our OEM customers throughout the entire product development cycle to thoroughly understand their needs and how our products will be used in their applications and environments,” Li said. “We work carefully with them from the initial application evaluation to product selection to design help and selection. Our deep expertise and experience allow us to help clients create high-quality motion control machines that ultimately meet their production needs.”

AutomationDirect sells Leadshine’s 2-phase digital stepper drives and some of its cables. “Customers who use their products speak highly of their quality, reliability, and price,” said Joe Kimbrell, the motion control product manager at AutomationDirect.

“Leadshine steppers offer high quality products at very affordable prices,” said Kimbrell. “Their products are simple, easy to use, long-lasting, and reliable. We sell a wide range of linear and switching power supplies, stepper motors, cables, and PLCs with hi-speed outputs that are compatible with Leadshine stepper drives. Once you find out who Leadshine is, what they do, and the quality they deliver, you are pleasantly surprised.”

Providing Professional Support

Leadshine’s customers around the world also speak highly of the company’s professional technical and customer support. Employees around the world address customer inquiries and needs, from product assistance to technical questions to sales support.

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