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AutomationDirect offers 6-inch TFT Touch Panel

The C-more Micro family now includes a 6-inch TFT color touch screen panel. The panel’s 32,768 colors provide clear and colorful graphics for vibrant and intuitive screens. The larger panel can display even more text, graphics, or bitmaps to effectively communicate and display data to the operator. In portrait mode, the panel can display up to 40 lines by 40 characters of dynamic text with embedded variables and phrases mixed with graphics. When mounted in landscape mode, the panel can display 40 lines by 80 characters of text as well as graphics.

C-more Micro 6inch TFTThe free downloadable programming software offers the choice of using built-in objects or importing custom graphics. Users can create and save custom objects and graphics to software libraries for fast and easy access from multiple projects. A built-in simulator allows users to review projects on the PC before downloading to the panel.

The 6-inch touch panel is equipped with a standard Type B USB programming port and offers 3.2Mb memory, LED backlight, multistate bitmap support and Windows font support. Five durable function keys can be customized to separate settings for each screen. LED indicators can be programmed for alarms or status indication.

C-more Micro’s alarm feature can control backlight color change or flash, function key LED flash, controlled beep activation, custom alarm banner display, and supports up to 16 configurable alarm actions.

Recipe functions are a snap with C-more Micro. Each recipe button transfers up to 99 values from PLC source registers to PLC destination registers and/or from a recipe table in the C-more Micro to PLC destination registers.

An analog meter supports low-low, low, normal range, high and high-high indication, while the real-time graph feature displays up to eight pens with up to 24 values for each pen.

Optional hardware keypads are also available. The plug-and-play keypad bezels do not require programming or external power. For portrait (vertical) mounted panels, choose the 21-button bezel with numeric keypad. For landscape (horizontal) mounted panels, a 20-button bezel with numeric keypad is available.

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Originally Published: Dec. 1, 2010