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Brainteasers Answers — Issue 32, 2015

Each issue of the Automation Notebook features a section we call, “The Break Room”. We know you successfully answered everything without having to ask your friends for any help (wink, wink). But, just in case you want to make sure we didn’t miss anything, below are the brainteaser answers from Issue 32, 2015 of Automation Notebook. You can return to the brainteasers from Issue 32, 2015 without the answers here.

Crossword Puzzle for Automation Engineers





This one had a couple red herrings that were sure to send you on a wild goose chase. Because of the numbers on the barcode, several readers guessed it to be the mailing address for However, that is not the case.

To decipher the barcode, the page must be on a flat surface and held at a steep angle. To better see the solution, close one eye and slide the image right to left.

Barcode slant

You should begin to see something like this:


Once you see it, you will know the answer is: