Automation NotebookIssue 2 – 2004Learning ResourcesNotebook Issue

Brainteasers – Issue 2, 2004

1. O T T F F _
What’s the next letter in sequence? (They are all letters.)


2. Two old friends meet after a long separation.
They swap stories, talk about jobs, families, etc.

The first man says “I have three children now.”

Second man
 asks, “Really? What are their ages?”

 “I’ll give you clues and you try to figure them out. First, the product of their ages is 36.”

 “That’s not enough to solve it.”

 “The sum of their ages is the same as the address where we used to play chess.”

 ” Okay. That’s still not enough to solve it.”

 “The oldest looks a lot like her mother.”

 ” Okay, I know their ages.”
What are their ages?

3. Replace each letter with a unique integer from 0 – 9, so that the addition problem 
” adds-up”


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Mouse Trap 

My mother wanted to look up something on the Internet. Having never touched a computer let alone the Internet, I showed her how to use the mouse and the significance of the hyperlink. She said, “I want to see what this page says,” so I told her to put the mouse pointer over the icon and click the left mouse button. She successfully navigated the cursor to the icon, picked up the mouse to eye level, looked at the button she wanted to click, clicked it, and asked, “Did I do it right?”