1. Alignment Time

On a functioning clock, the hour and minute hand are perfectly aligned (superimposed, not opposed) several times each day. Can you determine a formula to calculate those times? How about for the minute hand and a sweep-second hand? How about for all three hands?

2. Real-Time Conversation

A man in Florida decided to call his friend in Oregon. During the conversation he mentioned what time it was. The woman in Oregon said, “You mean here in Oregon?” The man in Florida said, “No, that’s what time it is here in Florida”. The woman, still in Oregon, said, “That’s odd, that’s exactly what time it is here, also!” Both were right. How can this be?

3. Chime Time

If a clock takes 7 seconds to strike 7:00, how long will the same clock take to strike 10:00?

4. Automagic Controls?

Fred spent a few minutes last week and added an AutomationDirect component to his factory’s control system. He made no electrical connections whatsoever to this device, but still the machine’s operators were delighted with the real-time information this device provided. Do you know what this helpful device was?

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