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Enclosures Overview and Selection | White Paper

enclosures overview white paper

Enclosures are an essential part of industrial, municipal and practically any application involving electrical control and automation systems. Learn about the many types of enclosures, their specific features and how to select the best enclosure for your application.

Today’s enclosures are built to provide a lifetime of service when the correct enclosure is used to meet the specific needs for a service or application. A properly selected and installed enclosure in an industrial environment not only maintains a better appearance over time, it also does a better job protecting personnel and the components installed inside it. To ensure the best enclosure is selected, the designer must understand the many important considerations for industrial installations. The following sections include some well-recognized guidelines that help ensure proper enclosure selection. Determining these variables as accurately as possible guarantees safety and years of reliable service.

Table of Contents

  • What is an Electrical Enclosure?
  • Determine Required Protection Ratings
  • NEMA Ratings
  • IP Ratings
  • Enclosure Size
  • Security Requirements
  • And Much More!

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