AutomationWorld’s “Leadership in Automation” program highlights preferred suppliers as identified by their readers across more than two dozen automation technology categories. Now in its fifth year, the program remains relevant as technologies change and supplier preferences shift based upon needs, and/or peer recommendations. Allegiance to a particular brand or resentment toward another brand may last for years, or change as often as new technologies emerge. Since the survey is unaided, the write-in results are significant because it doesn’t rely on a presumed list of contenders. According to their editor, this serves as a “useful snapshot of current reader preference for certain suppliers in very specific technology categories.”

Leadership in Automation Awards


The latest results are in and AutomationDirect was recognized as “First Team” in the “Leadership in Automation 2014” in the categories of Cables, Connectors, I/O; HMI Hardware; PLC/PACs.

As a supplier, we revel in results such as this and hope our programs and product offerings continue to meet and exceed industry expectations. Our goal is to offer products our customers want with quick order and delivery, and at prices well below the industry average backed by award-winning service. In an effort to keep our customers smiling, we added more than 1000 part numbers in 2014 across several categories of products. Our goal is to be your preferred supplier for industrial control products.

If you haven’t visited the web store lately, please visit at and check out the “what’s new” tab. We are frequently launching new products and encourage you to check back often. In addition, we offer customers the ability to review products lines as well as submit reviews for a product. And, if you are in search of a product we welcome suggestions which are promptly routed through the product management team.

Do you have a preferred vendor for specific categories of products? We encourage you to participate in the ongoing “Leadership in Automation” hosted by AutomationWorld. The survey is online and the voting for 2015 will be opening soon at Their editorial team will send reminders later in the year so that you may vote in each relevant category. The input from the survey is appreciated by your peers as well as your suppliers.

 AutomationWorld First Team Honoree 2015

Originally Posted: May 21, 2015