Gladiator Series Circuit Breakers and Supplementary Protectors from AutomationDirect

Gladiator® miniature circuit breakers offer optimum and efficient protection for branch and control circuits up to 63 amps. The Gladiator GMCBU series is available with B, C or D trip characteristics in accordance with UL 489. GMCBU units are DIN rail mountable and can be used in feeder and branch circuit applications. Designed for dual rated AC or DC applications, single-pole, two-pole and three-pole models are available.

Gladiator GMCB series miniature supplemental protectors offer optimum and efficient protection for branch and control circuits up to 63 amps. GMCB units are available with UL 1077 B, C or D trip characteristics. Gladiator supplementary protectors are used to provide overcurrent protection where branch protection is already provided or not required. The units can be installed as a component within, or as a part of, an appliance or a piece of electrical equipment.

Starting at $13.00, AutomationDirect Gladiator GMCBU series miniature circuit breakers are UL, CSA and CE listed and have a 2-year warranty. GMCB series supplementary protectors are priced from $7.00.

Learn more by visiting: www.automationdirect.com/gladiator-mcb

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