Newsletter Volume 24 Issue 8

Cloud Connectivity Supports Smart HVAC
For data centers powering the internet, the energy used to keep these systems cool is often the greatest operating cost, so small efficiency improvements can result in significant savings. IoT cloud connectivity lets experts effectively support increasingly complex HVAC systems, such as refrigerant-side economizers for data centers.
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Old Reliable Just Got a Little Smarter
When we think of pneumatics we think of simple, reliable, easy to troubleshoot, easy to fix, and just all-around something that always gets the job done and always works. It is no wonder why in manufacturing facilities, compressed air is so widely used that it is often regarded as the fourth utility after electricity, natural gas, and water.
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PLC Training In-Person and Virtual Classes
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Quick Start – DURApulse GS10 VFD with an Induction Motor 
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DURApulse GS10 Micro AC Drives
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Select the Right Transformer for Your Application | White Paper
Transformers of various types are needed for most automated machinery, so it is important to understand the selection and sizing basics. Power transformers play a key role in any electrical distribution system, and also for end-use equipment like industrial control panels. Although many engineers, designers, and installers encounter transformers during the course of their professional?
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Controlling Keg Cleaning
This microbrewery owner used AutomationDirect products to create a highly efficient keg cleaning system, which is used to improve in-house operations and support other similar small business owners. Microbreweries and brewpubs have gained in popularity in recent years. Many of these are smaller operations owned by passionate craftspeople who perform many of the brewing functions?
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Determining the Best-Fit Sensor Options
Designers need to be familiar with the many discrete object sensing technologies so they can specify properly-performing and cost-effective products for their applications.
Even today, some industrial equipment operates with basic hardwired sensors and control circuits. But it is much more likely for modern systems to be heavily instrumented, and automated by PLCs. Therefore, designers should understand the variety of discrete object detection methods available for their applications.
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