OCULUS QUEST VR Simulation of the 2020 FIRST Robotics Infinite Recharge Game Field

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INFINITE RECHARGE VR Simulation is now on the Oculus Quest!

That’s right … strap on your OCULUS QUEST and go play around on the DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE field. You no longer have be tethered to a high end gaming PC! You can take the FIRST Robotics Infinite Re-charge field with you where ever you go! It’s great for getting your community engaged in FIRST!

Captured from the QUEST!

The lead animator from the recent FRC Game animations (STRONGHOLD, STEAMWORKS, POWER-UP, DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, and INFINITE RECHARGE) also programs virtual reality games in his spare time. So, he took the assets from the FRC Power-Up Game Animation and dropped them into VR to give you a VERY realistic view and feel of the field.

>>> Download QUEST VR Sim <<<

Don’t know how to Side Load a Quest app? Follow our Step By Step Installation Guide (v1)

In this version (2019-01-08) you can:
1. Walk and transport around the field,
2. Pickup or force grab Power Cells
3. Throw Power Cells,
4. View the field from all 6 driver stations,
5. Sore Power Cells in all three goals
6. Manipulate the Generator switches,
7. Turn the Generator level lights on and off
8. Manipulate the Control Panel
9. Generator Switch Stackligts light when SWITCH is level
10. Toggle Control Panel Stacklight

Watch this video for a quick intro (Video was done with HTC VIVE):


NOTE: Controls are different than VIVE version:
1. Teleporting is done by pressing the joystick down
2. Grab with Grab button, NOT Trigger button

Want to see how this is done? You can download the entire project here: SOURCE FILES. This is an Unreal Engine Project (UE4 v4.24) and is done entirely using their BLUEPRINT editor (no text coding at all!) Note: This is the Vive version, not the Quest Version.
>> Warning: this is a 1.2 GB file! <<

QUESTIONS? Send us a note at educational@automationdirect.com

LEARN MORE: To learn more about how this was created go meet the developer on his live stream at twitch.com/oraclefishlive every Tuesday & Friday at 6:00 – 10:00 pm and Saturday mornings from 9:00-12:00. Stop by and say “Hi!”

While we have your attention …

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