Visit our primary Web site at and take advantage of the information and assistance available to you with the click of a mouse, including obtaining quotes and real-time stock checks. If you are a registered user, you can access additional details such as pending orders, processed orders and invoice history. For even more time savings, check out these more recent features we have added to make your life easier:

Multi-User Feature With Shared Shipping Addresses

With the online Multi-User feature, several employees can share your company account while having their own login, password, cart, and preference settings. Additionally, you can choose to share quotes, shipping addresses, and carts with each other to make the ordering process more flexible. As an example, the design engineer can load his/her cart with needed items and share the cart with the company’s purchasing agent for quick ordering, when both are established as approved multi-users. The contact person designated on your original account will be the initial account administrator (we must rely on a representative from your company to determine who can have access to your account). The administrator has the responsibility to approve employees’ requests to become a multi-user.

You can also set preferences such as daily spending limits, restricted payment methods, approval levels, etc. on a user basis. Once multi-users are established, the administration role can be swapped between approved users. You can share individual or all shipping addresses with account multi-users. A shared shipping address becomes available to all the multi-users of that account, although the addresses can be modified only by the original owner. You can also share your cart and quotes with all account users by simply selecting a checkbox on the cart and quote pages. See our online store for more details.

Store Instant Quote

Simply go to CART, enter your items and quantities using our Quick Add feature (or for a large list of parts use our Quick Order feature). Update the cart and choose GET A QUOTE. If you are logged in, your quote is stored for easy ordering. You can also see expected ship dates for any backordered items.

Bill of Materials

This feature allows you to create, save, share, and order Bills of Materials (BOM). This feature is especially useful when you need to place frequent orders for identical “systems.” For example, you might create a Bill of Materials named “Remote Pump Station,” and include all the parts necessary to build this unit. The “bundle” is stored under the assigned name, and when you return to the store in the future, the entire Bill of Materials can be added to the shopping cart with one click. You can create and store as many unique BOMs as needed. There are many ways to access the new BOM feature:

• First log in to your account.

• Add a group of products to your cart, and then from the cart select “Create BOM”.

• Click Fav/BOM at the right end of any product listing in the store to add that product to your favorites or to a BOM.

• Click Fav/BOM in the upper left corner of any store screen, under “Checkout”.

• You can even create a BOM based on a previous invoice. Click “Processed Orders & Tracking” to find the invoice, then select “Create BOM.”

Get Notified of New Products and Firmware/Software

Sign up for the e-mail notification service to be notified about firmware updates, and new versions of software sold by AutomationDirect. Sign up for the E-newsletter to get periodic e-mails about new products and other topical news. Visit: to set your notification options.

View and Download the Latest Product Information

The latest in product literature from AutomationDirect is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and includes the newest product brochures, New Product Bulletins (cut sheets), and the most recent AutomationDirect trade publication advertisements.

Select “Product Brochures & Ads” from the Product Info tab at: to see what’s new.

Online PLC Configuration at

This Web site offers a product selection guide, as well as in-depth specifications and programming information for CLICK PLCs and all the DirectLOGIC PLCs. Check out the system configurators for CLICK and/or the DL06 PLC, where you can select option modules for either PLC and the configurator will calculate I/O count, pricing, and power budget. You can then add the specific configuration to your cart and continue to the online store to place an order. Additional product-centric Web sites include:
C-more touch panels
C-more Micro-Graphic panels
Complete line of AC variable frequency drives 
Servo drives, motors, cables and software 
General purpose and inverter-duty motors

Originally Published: Dec. 1, 2009