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Product Pointers – October 2018

Happy Halloween! Check out some of our favorite new and old products listed below. Trust us you won’t find any tricks when it comes to our low prices.

Featured Products

CLICK Ethernet PLC units
easily integrate into existing networks for a simple, cost effective control solution

C-more micro touch panels
give you lots of options for a little price, with free programming software

STRIDE Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches
combine Ethernet and power to eliminate the expense of electrical power cabling

NITRA I/P transducers
convert a 4-20 mA signal from a PLC or other controller to a linear pneumatic output pressure

Ethernet CPUs with 14 I/O starting at $129 starting at $98 starting at $239 starting at $275

Marathon jet pump motors
are available in single and three-phase, with totally enclosed (TEFC) or open drip proof (ODP) designs up to 3hp

AC and DC drives
improve energy efficiency and equipment life

SureMotion drive couplings
come in a variety of styles, torque ranges and coupling capabilities designed to enhance performance and prevent failures

Acme electric 3-phase transformers
are dry-type encapsulated NEMA 3R transformers  excellent for dust or lint-laden environments

3-phase starting at $150 starting at $61 starting at $10.50 starting at $424

Customized Hubbell-Wiegmann enclosures
are factory made with cutouts based on your specifications

STEGO enclosure accessories
include filter fans and hoods, heaters, thermostats and LED lighting

RFID non-contact safety switches
provide dependable protection with magnetic locking and high anti-tamper coding

Field wireable connectors
include M8 and M12 IDC connectors and T-couplers

starting at $175 Components sold separately starting at $286 starting at $7

Digital temperature sensors
combine a precision RTD sensing element, measuring electronics, and process fitting in one stainless steel temperature transmitter probe

Contrast print mark sensors
provide detection of wavelength differences between reflected light from target mark and background

Sensor junction blocks
are 4 to 8-port units useful for sensor terminations

ZipLink wiring solutions
reduce PLC I/O wiring time and wiring errors

starting at $146 starting at $68 starting at $43.75 Modules starting at $20.00

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