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Product Snapshots – Issue 15, 2009

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including: NITRA pneumatic air cylinders and position switches, NEC Class 2 Power Supplies, Multiport Junction blocks for sensors, Higher voltage motor contactors, Industrial Ethernet Switches rated for wide temperatures, Analog CPUs for CLICK PLCs, Dinnector line of terminal blocks expanded, Flexible Service Cord, ZIPport panel interface connectors, ProSense motor monitoring relays, 1200 and 3600 RPM general puprose motors, LEDSensor cables.

NITRA™ Line Now Includes Pneumatic Air Cylinders And Position Switches

The NITRA pneumatic product line now includes a series of stainless steel, round body, non-repairable cylinders. The new cylinders feature type 304 stainless steel bodies with double rolled-in construction with high-strength aluminum alloy porting ends.

Single and double acting models are available with nose, pivot and double-end mounting options. Certain cylinder models are also available with magnetic pistons for position indication. This series includes bore sizes from 7/16 inch up to 2 inches; depending on bore size, available stroke lengths range from ½ inch to 18 inches. NITRA pneumatic air cylinders are ideal for applications such as packaging lines, conveyors, material handling and robotics.

Optional mounting brackets, nuts and rod clevis are available.

The NITRA line also includes the CPS series of pneumatic position switches and accessories to offer a robust interface between pneumatic actuators and electrical control systems. The solid-state electronic switches are available in 3-wire DC PNP and NPN normally open and PNP normally closed configurations and can be purchased with an M8 wiring connector or 2-meter cable with wire leads. Five mounting bands with adapters for round body cylinders are available ranging from 5/16” to 2” sizes.

The complete line of NITRA pneumatic air products can be seen by clicking here.


NEC Class 2 Power Supplies Added to RHINO™ Line

NEC Class 2 Power Supplies RHINO

The RHINO line of power supplies to include NEC Class 2 plastic-housed low-profile switching supplies in 5, 12 and 24 VDC adjustable output models. The new PSC series offering includes eight models with power ratings from 12W to 90W and feature universal 85 to 264 VAC input voltage, adjustable DC output, and output current limitation. The series provide tightly regulated output voltage for sensitive loads in industrial, commercial and residential environments. The PSC series is UL508 listed, UL1310 recognized for NEC Class 2 compliance, and CE marked.

Learn more at:


Multiport Junction Blocks For Sensors Launched

Multiport Junction Blocks For Sensors

ZIPport™ multiport junction blocks provide time, cost and space savings by allowing multiple sensors to be wired to a single block with one cable connecting to the control panel.

ZIPport junction blocks are available in field wireable or five-meter cable versions, feature four and five-pin M12 connectors in four, six and eight-port models, and offer a choice of one or two I/O per port. The blocks provide 24 VDC and 120 VDC/AC operation in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F) and also provide an IP67 degree of protection when all ports are either connected or covered with recommended protective caps.

The five-meter integrated cable series come with three 18-gauge wires for power connection and four to sixteen 22-gauge wires for I/O connections, depending on the number of ports.

The field-wireable junction blocks allow the installer the option of using his cables of choice and only the I/O necessary. All ZIPport models are available with or without power and signal LED indicators.

See the full line of ZIPport multiport junction blocks by clicking here.


Higher Voltage Motor Contactors Available

Fuji Higher Voltage Motor Contactors

The Fuji electric contactor line now includes models with higher coil voltages. The new SC series components operate with AC coil voltage ranges of 440-480V and 500-550V at 60hz and are available in frame sizes of 43mm, 54mm and 67mm. SC series SUPERMAGNET™ Coil contactors now include 88mm, 100mm and 115mm frame models with AC coil voltage ranges of 380-450V and 460-575V at 50/60hz. Also now available with SUPERMAGNET coils are the Odyssey series contactors in 138mm and 148mm frame sizes, with AC coil voltage ranges of 380-450V and 460-575V at 50/60hz.

To see the full line of Fuji contactors, visit:


Industrial Ethernet Switches Rated For Wide Temperatures

Industrial Ethernet Switches Rated For Wide Temperatures

The Stride™ line has been expanded to include industrial-grade unmanaged Ethernet switches and media converters with aluminum housings. Designed for wide-temperature (-40° to 85°C) applications, these true plug-and-play devices automatically determine and remember devices connected to each port and only route messages through the appropriate ports, increasing speed and bandwidth. Even under heavy I/O and data exchange, Stride switches and the Ethernet control network maintain more consistent cycle times.

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Analog CPUs Now Available For CLICK® PLC Line


The CLICK PLC line now includes three analog CPU models. The new CPUs feature two analog inputs and two outputs with ranges of voltage up to 5 VDC or current up to 20 mA. The modules include two built-in RS-232 and one RS-485 communication ports, and real time clock and battery backup for internal SRAM.

Analog CPU modules are differentiated by their discrete I/O; all have four DC inputs, and a choice of four DC sinking, DC sourcing or relay outputs. All CLICK CPUs are configured with the easy-to-use programming software, available as a free download.

See the full line of CLICK PLCs at:


Dinnector Line Of Terminal Blocks Expanded

The Dinnector line of terminal blocks and accessories now includes supplementary circuit breaker terminal blocks and sockets. The blocks are available in ¼ amp to 10 amp sizes and are sold in packs of 20. Terminal block sockets, available in 12V and 24V models with or without LED indicators, are sold in packs of 50.

Also available are disconnect terminal blocks in 12V and 24V models are sold in packs of 50.

A new series of single and double level plug-in style terminal blocks are sold in packages with 32 blocks and four pin protectors. New accessories available include end covers, spacers, pin protectors and marking tags, as well as two-pole and three-pole jumpers.

Thermocouple terminal blocks have been added in 50V and 300V models.

To view the full line of Dinnector terminal blocks, visit:


Flexible Service Cord Expands Wiring Solutions

The line of electrical wire for industrial applications now includes flexible service cord available in sizes ranging from 18 to 10 gauge, with two, three or four-conductor configurations. SEOOW type cord has a 600V rating while type SJEOOW cord has a 300V rating. Both are available in 50 and 250-foot lengths. Four-conductor, 8 AWG type W cord with a 2,000V rating is also available, in lengths from 10 to 250 feet. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, all flexible cord types are UL and CSA approved and RoHS compliant.

To view the entire line of flexible service cord, visit:



ZIPport Line Expands With Panel Interface Connectors

The ZIPport™ product line has been expanded to include panel interface connectors in over 30 configurations.

Designed to be mounted on the outside of electrical control panel boxes, the interface connectors act as pass-through connections, allowing the operator to interface with PLCs and other programmable devices without opening the control box.

Panel interface connectors are available with single, duplex or GFCI power outlets, as well as a no-power option. Designed for frame sizes six to 48, communications connectors available include D-sub, RJ45, RJ12, USB, Ethernet, and Data Highway; and units are available in various combinations needed for the typical control panel. A standard reset 3 Amp circuit breaker limits power output of the unit.

The full line of ZIPport panel interface connectors is backed by a one-year warranty. Learn more at:


ProSense™ Motor Monitoring Relays Now Available

The ProSense line now includes phase monitoring, alternating and pump seal failure relays.

The PMRU phase monitoring relays utilize microprocessor-based design to protect against phase loss, reversal, unbalance, undervoltage and overvoltage conditions. With a variety of user-adjustable settings, PMRU relays also feature a multi-color LED to indicate normal and fault conditions.

The PMRR series provides protection against phase reversal, while the PMRRL series, with an adjustable undervoltage setting knob, protects against phase loss, reversal and undervoltage.AR series alternating relays feature a three-position selector switch to alternate two loads as normal, or lock the relay to one load or the other. The ARX model is a DPDT cross-wired unit that alternates two loads as normal, or locks the relay to always operate the same load first each time.

Also available are PSFR series pump seal failure relays, which monitor the shaft seals of submersible pumps. Featuring a user-adjustable sensitivity knob, the relays are available in two 8-pin models – SPDT single channel or dual channel relay with two SPNO contacts.

To see the complete ProSense motor monitoring relay line, visit:


New 1200 and 3600 RPM General Purpose Motors

More IronHorse™ general purpose AC motors have been added to include 3-phase 1200 RPM six-pole and 3600 RPM two-pole models. Six new 56C 3600 RPM rolled steel motors are now available, ranging from 0.33 to 2 HP; 13 new T-frame cast iron motors in 3600 and 1200 RPM models are available in sizes from 1 to 10 HP. These TEFC motors have 5:1 variable torque and 2:1 constant torque ratings and are ideal in applications such as fans, conveyors, pumps and more.

Check out the full line of IronHorse general purpose motors, including the existing 1800 RPM motors (0.33 to 300 HP) at:


LED Sensor Cables Now Available

The latest sensor cable offering now includes quick-disconnect and patch cables with LED indicators. The new patch cables have a right-angle M12 female plug with LED indicator on one end and an axial male connector on the other. Available in six lengths ranging from 0.3m to 10m, the cables feature a polyurethane jacket for dependable use in oily and direct sunlight applications. Also added are quick-disconnect cables with an LED indicator to confirm signal presence. Fitted with industry standard M12 right-angle female plugs, these cables can be used with patch cables to extend distance.

See the full line of sensor cables at: