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Product Snapshots — Issue 29, 2014

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including: IronHorse Fractional HP DC Motors and Gearmotors, WEG CWC series miniature contactors, additional RHINO DC power supplies, 18mm and 30mm ultrasonic proximity sensors and more.


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RHINO® line of DC Power Supplies expanded

RHINO PSB series DIN rail mount single-phase and three-phase input power supplies with IP20-rated terminals offer high performance and reliability and are perfect for applications that require a basic DC voltage power supply.

The series features rugged plastic or aluminum housings and output status LED indicators as well as overload, overvoltage and thermal protection. Five new models are approved for Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations and one new unit is UL 1310 recognized (NEC Class 2). DIN Rail mount 12, 24 and 48 VDC output, 85-264 VAC/ 120-375 VDC single phase input voltage power supplies are available starting at $21.50. Three-phase, 320-600 VAC input versions, starting at $59, are available with 24 VDC outputs from 60 to 960 Watts. RHINO PSB series redundancy modules (from $35) help prevent costly downtime due to power supply failure, and a new buffer module ($149) is a cost-effective alternative to battery-based backup systems. RHINO PSB series power supplies are backed by a three-year warranty.

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IronHorse® Fractional HP DC Motors and Gearmotors

MTPM series small DC motors range in size from 1/31 to 1/4 HP and have rolled steel totally enclosed non-vented (TENV) housings, high energy ceramic magnets and replaceable brushes. The motors are rated for SCR drives and accommodate 12, 24, 90, and 180 VDC. Fractional HP DC motors start at $71. IronHorse MTG series 1/19 to 1/5 HP DC gearmotors are available with parallel or right-angle gear shafts in 12, 24, and 90 VDC versions.

These gearmotors are designed for use on unfiltered SCR (Thyristor) type rectified AC inputs and can be used with PWM (pulse width modulated) type DC adjustable speed drives and in across-the-line applications Features include TENV enclosures, Class F insulation and replaceable brushes. IronHorse DC gearmotors start at $146.

View the complete line of IronHorse DC motors at:

To learn more about IronHorse DC gearmotors, visit:


WEG CWC series miniature contactors

The compact 45mm dimensions and up to 22A IEC current rating of the CWC series miniature contactors allows less space required inside electrical enclosures while still offering up to a powerful 15HP @ 460V. DC models feature low consumption coils allowing operation directly from a PLC. Three-pole and four-pole models are available. WEG CWC series miniature contactor prices start at $11. Matching direct mount overload relays start at $14.

Accessories include auxiliary contact blocks, surge suppressors, Star-Delta electronic timing relays, wiring kits, and mechanical interlock and latch blocks.

To see the full line of WEG CWC series miniature contactors, visit:


More 18mm and 30mm ultrasonic proximity sensors

AutomationDirect’s new UK6 series 18mm ultrasonic sensors are now available with shorter bodies for easier mounting in tight spaces. Also, the new UT2F wide face series of 30mm sensors has an increased sensing distance of up to six meters. Both series are available with 10 output types in combinations of PNP and NPN discrete outputs; 0-10VDC or 4-20mA analog outputs are available. These IP67-rated sensors are equipped with LED status indicators and have either an attached two-meter output cable or an M12 quick-disconnect connector. The 18mm UK6 series sensors start at $89 and are available in sensing ranges from 40mm to 900mm. The 30mm UT2F series sensors start at $325 and have a 350-6000 mm sensing range. Both series have complete overload protection, are backed by a lifetime warranty and are cULus, CE and RoHS approved.

To learn more about these new ultrasonic proximity sensors, visit:


Productivity3000® gets additional rating

By now, you know the Productivity3000 controller offers a powerful industrial control solution with lots of flexibility and super communication power. Now Productivity3000 is ABS certified for use in marine applications.

This standard of excellence in marine and offshore classification means Productivity3000 is ideal for use in shipboard automation and control systems on ABS class vessels and applications for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) or facilities.
To learn more about Productivity3000, visit: