Automation NotebookIssue 30 - 2014Learning Resources

Product Snapshots — Issue 30, 2014

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including: C-more Micro touch panels, AEGIS powerline filters, SureGear® gearboxes, NITRA pneumatic compact modular valves, RUKO tools and more.

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New 8-inch and 10-inch C-more Micro-Graphic Operator Touch Panels

EA3-C-more Micro line ext 5x7C-more Micro touch panels provide graphics and operator interaction for even the smallest control systems. The new EA3 series 8- and 10-inch micro-graphic touch panels have 800 x 600 pixel color TFT displays and seven user-defined function keys with red LED indicators. The panels support portrait and landscape screen modes, have 30MB memory, a USB type-B programming port, two serial communications ports (15-pin and RJ12), and a built-in alarm control setup that activates beep, backlight flash, customized alarm banner, and red LED blinking. The EA3 series panels are UL rated for use on a flat surface of NEMA4/4X enclosures (for indoor use only); panels are powered from a Class 2, 12-24 VDC power supply. The new models of C-more Micro graphic panels are backed with a two-year warranty; prices start at $749.


Eaton AEGIS Series Powerline Filters re-designed to meet new UL safety standards

AEGIS Series Powerline filters are designed to protect single-phase electrical and electronic equipment from surges and line noise that can cause misoperation and damage, leading to higher maintenance costs. The EATON-powerline Filters 5x7Powerline filters react instantly to changes in voltage regardless of phase angle or polarity and are effective against both low- and high-energy transients. These redesigned filters meet the latest UL safety standards for SPD (surge protective device) and EMI
filtering protection. Available in premium filter and premium hybrid models, the compact AEGIS powerline filters are 35mm DIN rail-mountable and have LED status indicators. The hybrid models also have alarm contacts. Single phase 120 and 240 VAC versions are available in 1A, 3A, 5A, 10A and 15A current ranges. AEGIS powerline filters have a 10-year warranty and pricing starts at $190.


SureGear PGB series of right-angle precision gearboxes for servomotors

RightAngle-servo-5x7SureGear PGA and PGB series gearboxes are excellent choices for servo applications that require good accuracy, reliability and exceptional value. The PGA series of in-line planetary gearboxes has a thread-in mounting style, along with a level of precision and torque capacity that is best in its class. The new PGB series of right-angle planetary gear reducers offers similar technical specifications to the PGA series, and provides the customer with an excellent solution when space and clearance requirements are limited in compact footprint applications. Four gear ratios are available (5:1, 10:1, 15:1, 25:1) and mounting hardware is included for easy mating to SureServo® motors. SureGear in-line and right-angle planetary servomotor gearboxes have a 5-year warranty and pricing starts at $398.


NITRA Compact Modular Valves

NITRA compact modular valves offer performance, flexibility and modularity combined with sturdy mechanics. All the pneumatic connections are on one side, with built-in push-to-connect fittings. The system offers the flexibility of one Compact Modular Valves 5x7to 16 valves; the 24VDC electrical signal is relayed from one valve to the next by gold-plated contacts so the electrical connections are entirely automatic. Using one inlet end plate and one blind end plate, the valves can be configured in any combination and replaced individually as needed. CMV series valves are available in four port size combinations, and 3-way/2-position, 5-way/2-position and 5-way/3-position configurations. Available accessories include 25-pin pigtail cables, 35mm DIN rail mounting brackets, pneumatic release tools, and more. Compact modular valves start at $70.00 and are backed by a two-year warranty.


Smaller package sizes and new jumper cutting tools for DINnectors® DIN-rail terminal blocks

Dinnectors-smpksize_jumper-cutting-toolDIN-rail mounted DINnectors terminal blocks provide a means of connecting and identifying two or more wires in control cabinets. 61 new part numbers have been added to the product line including repackaged smaller versions of currently offered products and new jumper cutting tools. The smaller pack sizes make it more convenient to obtain “just the right amount” of products that are currently offered in larger sizes. New smaller 5-piece packages start at $23.75. New jumper cutting tools with interchangeable dies that maintain the jumper protective coverings are more affordable and adaptable than dedicated one size cutting tools. The DN-JKIT cutting tool kit that replaces five dedicated cutting tools is $219. Jumpers in convenient smaller size 25-piece packages start at $7.50.


All-in-One Drill and Tap Combination Bits – SAE & Metric Sizes

RUKO Drill-Tap sets -5x7RUKO drill/tap combination bits and sets provide uninterrupted hole drilling,
thread tapping and deburring in one convenient bit. Drill/tap combination bits are available in six standard SAE sizes ranging from 6-32 to 1/4-20 and six metric sizes ranging from M3 to M10. The high-speed steel bits are relief-ground and designed with 1/4-inch hexagonal shanks for use with mild steel up to 12.75 mm thick (maximum material thickness is 1.5x drill bit diameter). Bits can be purchased separately starting at $7.75. Seven-piece sets, priced at $28, include (6) drill bit/taps and one quick change bit adapter in a heavy-duty plastic case. The quick change adapter is also available separately for $3.