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Product Snapshots – Issue 6, 2006

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including:  SureServo, Thin-FInger Wire Duct, Sensor Line Extended, Communication Modules for DL05 & DL06, Relay Line Expanded, 22mm Metal Pushbuttons Offered Without Contact Blocks, DirectSoft5 Launch.

SureServo™ Now Shipping 

SureServoAutomationDirect has released the SureServo family of fully digital AC brushless servo systems. The line includes eight standard servo motors, in both brake and non-brake models, that are operated in combination with one of three standard servo drives. The SureServo AC systems range in size from 100W to 3 kW continuous power, provide from 0.08 to 26.4 ft-lb of peak torque, and can be controlled in position, velocity or torque mode. Configuration and diagnostics of the servo drives is performed via the built-in keypad/display or the SureServo Pro™ software. All SureServo systems offer both a manual tuning mode and two adaptive auto-tuning modes.

Low-inertia models range incrementally from 100W to 1 kW with speeds up to 5000 rpm, and medium-inertia models from 1 to 3 kW with speeds up to 3000 rpm. Accessories include motor feedback and power cables, and regeneration resistors.

Thin-FInger Wire Duct Now Available

Thin-FInger Wire DuctAutomationDirect now offers the T1E series thin-finger wire duct for applications requiring compact wiring. Available in white or gray in sizes ranging from 1.00 x 1.50 inches to 4.00 x 4.00 inches, the T1E series is made of rigid PVC and carries a UL 94V-0 flammability rating. The narrow thin-finger design is compatible with thin style screwless terminal blocks. The rounded, burr-free edges will not slice installers’ hands or wire insulation, and the restricted slot design retains wires for fast, easy wire installation or removal. The duct is scored with two break lines, one for break-off and removal of sidewall finger segments only, and another for removal of sidewall finger and base segments. All wiring duct is sold in 2-meter lengths and comes complete with a non-slip flush cover. Duct with cover is available in cases or as single pieces.

Click here for more information on the new Thin-Finger Wire Duct 

Sensor Line Extended 

Sensor LineAutomationDirect expands its sensor line with four new series. The UHZ ultrasonic series is available with an 18-30 VDC input range and a NO or NC PNP or NPN transistor output. The UHZ series has a maximum sensing distance of 300 mm, is IP67 rated and features electrical protection from short circuit, overvoltage, and reverse polarity.

The FARS series are 18 mm non-metal tubular diffuse sensors featuring background suppression with a maximum sensing distance of 130 mm. All models are available with an 18-30 VDC input range in a choice of a NO or NC, or a Light On – Dark On PNP or NPN transistor output.

The MQ series AC diffuse photoelectric, with a unique 90-degree optic package, fits in a standard 18 mm mounting bracket or mounting hole. These 20-250 VAC sensors with background suppression feature an M12 disconnect, Light On – Dark On selectable NPN output.

The 8 mm tubular stainless steel HEE/HER series consists of through-beam sensor pairs available with an 18-30 VDC input range in a choice of a NO or NC PNP or NPN transistor output switch a one meter sensing distance.

Click here for more information on the new Sensor line extension

More Communication Modules for DL05 & DL06

Communication Modules for DL05 & DL06AutomationDirect has introduced two new communications modules for the DL05/DL06 micro PLC family. The D0-DCM module adds two serial ports to any DL05 or DL06 PLC, using RS-232 or RS422/485 (only MODBUS supports RS485) data interfaces at baud rates up to 115.2 Kbps. Port 1 supports MODBUS RTU, DirectNET, and K-Sequence slave protocols; Port 2 can also operate as a DirectNET or MODBUS master.
The F0-CP128 CoProcessor module offers three serial communication ports that are configurable using the module’s full BASIC programming capability. The module features a 100 MHz clock speed, RS-232 or RS485 data interface options, and baud rates up to 512 Kbps.

Either module can be installed in the option slot of the DL05 or in any of the four option slots available on the DL06 PLC models.

Click here for more information on the new communication modules for the DL05 & DL06 

Relay Line Expanded 

Relays AutomationDirect announces excit-ing additions to its line of relays. The AD-70-STM-1 Socket Timing Module converts 783 and 784 series relays to time delay relays, creating a cost-effective alternative to integrated timers. The Socket Timing Module has selectable time scales ranging from 0.1 second to 10 days and can be fine adjusted with the built-in potentiometer. The 784-4C-SKT-1 socket works with this module and the 784 series cube relays.

The new 783-3C series cube relays, equipped with 24V AC/DC or 120/240 VAC coils and a 15A contact rating, require the 783-3C-SKT socket.

The 755-2C single coil, 16A contact magnetic latching relays are available in 120 and 240 VAC. The 755-2CD-24D is a dual coil 24 VDC magnetic latching relay with 16A contact rating. These relays require the 750-3C-SKT 11-pin octal base.

Click here for more information on the new Relay line extension

22mm Metal Pushbuttons Offered Without Contact Blocks

22mm Metal PushbuttonsAutomationDirect now offers black, red, and green 22mm metal pushbuttons without contact blocks. Both momentary flush and extended operators are available. These pushbuttons have 30mm actuators and mount in a 22mm hole. Each pushbutton includes the operator and support base only. Both pushbutton styles are CSA, IMQ (where specified), and UL approved. Normally open and normally closed contact blocks can be purchased separately in packs of two or five. The contact blocks can be mounted up to three deep and two wide.

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DirectSoft5 Launch 

DirectSoft5DirectSOFT5 PLC programming software from AutomationDirect contains many new features that make ladder logic programming faster and easier. The most important programming improvement is the addition of “IBoxes” which are modularized instructions that configure analog cards, CTRIO high-speed counters, ON/OFF delay timers, and equations. With DirectSOFT5, documentation can be exported to C-more touch panels to use as tag names in the panel project. Other new features include customizable point and click editing and automatic backup for the four most recently saved project changes. And, with a properly configured SMTP mail server, PLCs using an Hx-ECOM100 communications card can be enabled by DirectSOFT5 to send emails. DirectSOFT5 is available in a single package that supports the entire line ofDirectLOGIC CPUs, eliminating the need for different packages for multiple PLCs. A free version of DirectSOFT5 allowing programming and downloading projects of up to 100 words is available for download at:

Click here for more information on the new DirectSoft5 PLC programming software