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AutomationDirect Operator Interfaces Voted as a Readers’ Top Choice

Automation professionals have voted for the AutomationDirect family of operator interface hardware and software, once again making them a top choice for their applications.

AutomationDirect operator interface (OI) hardware and software were recently recognized in Control Design 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards. This awards program invites readers with buying influence or authority to vote by writing in their preferred automation product manufacturers for many categories, without any other prompts. As in preceding years, AutomationDirect has been among the top finishers in the Control and Software categories! This year, AutomationDirect OIs took fifth place and configuration software took fourth.

End users like the large number of options available to them with AutomationDirect OI hardware and software families. Also known as human-machine interfaces (HMIs), the AutomationDirect range of solutions include small text panels, large marquee message displays, numerous sizes of C-more touch panel HMIs and ATLAS industrial monitors. You can look into AutomationDirect’s range of HMI products here.

C-more Touch Panel Hardware

Available in diagonal measurements from 3 inches up to 15 inches and with many display technologies and resolutions, C-more touch panels are a favorite way to deliver automation visualization to operators and maintenance personnel. Most of these capable HMI products can work with any programmable logic controller (PLC).

Users like the variety of display input objects like toggle, slide, selector, throw and thumbwheel switches. Other objects include meters, pre-built PID faceplates and a built-in “soft” keypad for alpha and numeric entry. Up to 9,999 screens can be developed, depending on complexity. Connectivity options include Ethernet, serial and USB to make programming and PLC connections convenient. Bright, colorful displays and analog touch overlays make operator interaction easy.

C-more Configuration Software

Designers appreciate the powerful yet accessible functions offered by the C-more configuration software. Security can be implemented with up to eight password-protected user groups, and every touch object offers its own password protection. Development is aided by a user library for screens, objects and other elements, as well as graphical object grouping and many levels of undo/redo. Project simulation makes it easy for developers to check their configurations. More advanced features like a web server and email delivery create more ways for users to interact with these HMIs.

AutomationDirect HMIs are a Readers’ Choice for many Reasons

AutomationDirect HMIs are end-user favorites based on many qualities:

  • Ease of use
  • Extensive product families with leading features
  • Ready availability
  • High value
  • Industry leading support

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