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Robroy-AttaBox | Tough on Protection but Thoughtful to Employees

What do oil refining, rail and transit systems, outdoor water parks, wastewater treatment plants, and breweries have in common? They are environments that need high-quality, watertight, corrosion-resistant enclosures to protect critical equipment such as electrical connections, wiring, control panels, and sensitive measurement systems. In harsh places like these, non-metallic enclosures protect against moisture, dust, dirt, UV radiation, temperature extremes, and impact.

To provide tough protection in these kinds of environments, AutomationDirect sells Robroy Enclosures’ AttaBox line of NEMA-rated fiberglass-reinforced polyester and polycarbonate enclosures. These products are typically used in the industrial, solar, electrical, telecommunications, HVAC, instrumentation/control, oil/gas, government, and construction industries.

robroy-attabox employee

Innovation and Experience United

AttaBox began manufacturing polycarbonate enclosures in 2007 in Texas. The enclosures quickly became known for their quality, performance, and innovative design. In 2016, AttaBox joined Robroy Enclosures in Belding, Michigan. The merger brought together AttaBox’s inventive start-up strategy with Robroy’s 70 years of solid industry expertise.  

“AttaBox gained the manufacturing and engineering experience of a 70+ year old enclosure manufacturer,” said Craig Mitchell, President, Robroy Enclosures. “Robroy gained the innovation and vigor of a well-known and respected company in the industry.”

Customers ultimately benefitted from the merger of the two companies. “AttaBox industrial enclosures are price competitive with other non-metallic material options while frequently offering better performance value,” Mitchell said. “The unsurpassed and proven product performance quality is backed up by a major manufacturer.  Our customers benefit from these attributes, offerings, and experience.”

A Wide Range of Non-Metallic Enclosures

Robroy is a company of more than 100 employees that produces enclosures at its 150,000-square-foot Michigan facility which houses its manufacturing, warehouse, customer service, engineering, sales, and other office operations. Each enclosure is molded to stringent standards and AttaBox is constantly improving customization options. No single size, shape or style of enclosure meets every possible requirement or environment. Therefore, a variety of materials, styles, shapes, and function is necessary to accommodate the range of needs. 

AttaBox offers one of the largest selections of non-metallic enclosures in the market. It has 12 product lines and more than 30 configurations to help customers find the type and size to meet their needs. In addition, AttaBox enclosures can be panel mounted to accommodate a broad range of mounting requirements.

“We are seeing fast growth in non-metallic enclosures for many reasons,” Mitchell said. “They are corrosion resistant, lightweight, easy to customize, offer flexible mounting options, and don’t interfere with wireless signals. Many industries are realizing these benefits and making the switch from carbon and stainless-steel enclosures.”

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A Customer’s View of AttaBox

The oil and gas industry is one of the industries that has switched to non-metallic enclosures. Redline Instruments designs and applies products for that industry and has been an AttaBox customer since 2009. Its primary products are multi-channel monitors, alarms and sensors to detect unwanted gas leaks, including hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and Lower Explosive Limit sensors. The company needs enclosures that are tough enough to withstand the corrosive atmosphere in oil and gas environments and protect the sensitive equipment inside.

In 2009, the company learned about AttaBox products after looking for a better solution for their needs. What struck the team most was the high quality of the AttaBox enclosure. “The quality of the Heartland series enclosure was visibly better than others I had also viewed,” said Gary Keating of Redline Instruments.

Redline began using AttaBox enclosures at that time. The company still uses them today because they have proven robust in the tough oil and gas environment and are manufactured using the highest-quality materials and processes. Accolades such as those from Redline Instruments drive AttaBox and Robroy to continue innovating to meet customer needs.

A Thoughtful Employer

Employees, like customers, are also attracted to Robroy. The company was named one of West Michigan’s 2019 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For. Its focus on employees is apparent in the AttaBox statement outlining the company’s three core values:

  • Achievement – Actions speak louder than words. It’s not what we say we’re going to do, but what we actually accomplish that counts. AttaBox is goal oriented and forward-thinking. We apply our best efforts to the endeavors in which we participate. This includes business, personal development, and relationships with our entire constituency. Our success will be a result of the effort and passion we apply.
  • Balance – A stable foundation is the key to long-term success. We recognize that there will always be diverse choices that influence our actions and decisions. With integrity, we will strive to find a balance that provides the best outcome and preserves the stability of the enterprise. How we manage today will determine our future.
  • Appreciation – Gratitude costs nothing and can be worth everything. We will always be humble and have an equal respect for all individuals and entities that contribute to our lives. We value relationships. We must never lose sight of the fact that we cannot succeed without the support of others. This includes our associates, vendors, customers, partners, and communities. We will take the time to recognize and give back to our constituents for their contributions.
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Positioned for the Future

These values guide Robroy and its AttaBox division both now and as they look to the future.

The company is active in industry associations and partnerships and values those relationships. It is a member of the Association of High Technology Distribution which works to enhance the productivity and efficiency of high technology automation solution providers and manufacturers. Mitchell notes that it is important to look at changes that can impact the industry and its customers and prepare to meet shifting needs, such as the many benefits associated with fiberglass enclosures. Robroy plans to leverage its history of manufacturing excellence with advanced technologies and materials to create the next generation of enclosures.

“As applications evolve and change with technology, we are ready to accommodate with our modification capabilities which include molded-in bosses and ribs, screen-printed graphics, window and hole cutouts, custom colors and EMI/RFI shielding,” Mitchell said. “We are making investments in product designs and manufacturing process to ensure we are sitting in the best possible position to support the industry with functional and cost effective, yet aesthetically pleasing and innovative enclosure designs. It’s an exciting time to engineer, manufacture, and market our innovative products and their uses.”

As a result of investing in employees, living out core values, and leveraging innovation, Robroy and its AttaBox division are positioned well to continue to innovate, exceed customer expectations, and serve as a great place for employees to thrive.

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