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Supplier Profile: Fandis Fans

The Fandis headquarters is in the beautiful Piedmont region of Italy, which sits at the base of the Alps between Milan and Switzerland. The company has seen much growth since its founding in 1985. And while the company has expanded well past its humble roots as a compact axial fans distributor, the family-owned company still holds true to its values. Quality, customer service, and caring about people over the business haven’t changed.


Fandis is one of the most specialized Italian companies in the implementation of state-of-the-art solutions for temperature control and management systems in industrial and electromechanical fields.

The award-winning Fandis logo beautifully represents the philosophy that drives the company. The colorful boxes represent all the possibilities for expansion and innovation, while the man is like a tree making sure that Fandis stays rooted in the original founding values.  

“We’re a family company, our features are flexibility, quick reactivity and strong attention to quality and details,” said Silvano Zilioli, CEO.


Fandis was founded by Roberto Brioschi in 1985 and was originally a distributor of compact axial fans in the local market. With only a couple of manufacturers in Europe at the time, Brioschi realized that with Fandis’ focus on quality the company could be competitive in the market. In 1996 Fandis started handling its own production and the business has continued to grow ever since.

The first product manufactured and sold was ventilation systems for control panels and it still accounts for the leading product of the company’s revenue today. In 2012 Fandis Filter fans came out with the 3rd generation of these ventilation systems, so that is 27 years of quality and customer satisfaction!

The Fandis range of ventilations systems has some interesting features. With their recognizable shape, Fandis Filter Fans are set apart by their easy mounting and maintenance due in part to the unique design that reduces thickness and dimension.


The Fandis Virdis Series Filter Fans provide a low-cost thermal management solution for applications where the surrounding air temperature is low enough to be used to cool the inside of an enclosure. The Virdis Series Filter Fans are available in two models, the UL Type 12 and Type 3R.

UL Type 12 filter fans are for indoor use only, while the Type 3R filter Filter Fans are specifically designed for outdoor electrical enclosures. The Type 3R is constructed to ensure it can hold up to degradation due to environmental factors. Both models come in various voltages and dimensions and include vents and exhaust filter that work with the fans to draw filtered cool air into the enclosure. There are even roof mount units for limited space applications.

 The Fandis production facility, covering an area of 1,800 square meters, is equipped with high-tech automated machinery and manned by expert technicians. All products assembled in-house are tested 100% by checking the electrical parameters to ensure that clients can rely on Fandis products for exceptional performance.


An area that sets Fandis apart from the industry is their desire to work side by side with clients to customize products. This is supported by the in-house production of products, which guarantees high flexibility throughout the design state and allows Fandis to tailor-make solutions for clients.

The tagline “Colors of Engineering” expresses this commitment to think outside the box and keep innovating. And in a more practical sense, it represents the unique ability customers have to customize the colors of Fandis products, which is rare in the industry.

Fandis’ commitment to innovation is on display with the research that has come out of their technical lab. This lab has developed everything from probes that can test the age of ice in the Arctic to a special refrigerator for helicopters. And in 2017 Fandis received an award for the technology they developed that could test the air quality in a cabinet.


As a family owned and managed company, Fandis strives to always place the happiness and support of people alongside the success of the business. With this commitment to the well-being of employees, it is not uncommon to find employees who have spent their whole career at Fandis. The proof is in the fact that the company has held a consistent turnover rate of just 2%.

The company’s commitment to taking care of their people was on display during difficult times, when the founder decided to protect his employees while preserving the workplace. Fandis has even been recognized in Italy for having the highest employee satisfaction of any company in their region.

Team members have been especially excited this year that the annual Fandis Fans party for employees and their families can take place again after having to cancel it during the pandemic.

With their commitment to customer satisfaction and continuing to develop innovative products, it’s no surprise that Fandis Fans continues to grow year over year. In 2017 the company expanded out of Italy and founded Fandis North America. They now have an office and warehouse in Laurens, South Carolina to make distribution seamless for their clients in North America. Fandis is now looking to use the success of this expansion and replicate it in other countries.

As Fandis continues to grow, they are staying rooted in the founding values of the company and making sure that employees and customers alike are taken care of. That solid foundation is what will continue to propel the company’s growth and creativity.