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Supplier Profile: Gefran Pushing Beyond Technology

With over 50 years of success, Gefran strives to push beyond technology boundaries to thrive not only in the area of product advancement but also in customer satisfaction, human development, and sustainability. From the beginning, Gefran has differentiated itself from the competition by understanding and producing exactly what customers are looking for to solve their problems. That strength is still the cornerstone of the company which has grown to be a worldwide powerhouse.

Gefran Ribbon Cutting

The Gefran Way

In the 1970s, Gefran introduced itself to the Italian and international markets with the creation of an electrical panel — the Adamello controller, later called the 1000 model, which set the benchmark for the industry. As the company expanded production in the 1980s to include sensors, it immediately became the leading brand of choice. Gefran products had already built a positive reputation of quality design and high-level performance. As the 2000s began, Gefran strategically acquired a motion control brand to expand its own technological product offering, while preserving the prestige and Italian expertise of the acquired company.

Today, Gefran has more than 900 employees in production facilities and 17 sales offices around the globe. Gefran operates in the major markets through six production branches in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Switzerland, and the US. In addition, there are commercial subsidiaries in France, the UK, Belgium, India, Singapore, Turkey and more than 80 international distributors for global sales support.

To ensure the company’s promise of top-quality products, Gefran’s product teams in each location are in charge of the entire process from design through implementation to customer delivery. This philosophy stems from starting as a family-oriented business that, as the company has grown, allows for each location to keep that “family feel” within its teams in Italy and throughout the world.

Gefran was founded and started by Ennio Franceschetti. The company was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange in 1998, a segment on this exchange reserved for high performing, high tech companies. “We are still blessed to have a number of family members that are a part of the business. Maria Chiara Franceschetti serves as our Chairwoman, while Andrea and Giovanna also serve as Vice Chairs. It remains a family culture, where people really do come first,” said Tapan Mody, General Manager of Gefran, Inc.

About the Products

To be successful, Gefran has made a commitment to employing constant research and innovation to ensure that its products not only include the latest technology but provide solutions for customers with complex needs.

Position Sensor

In their manufacturing process, Gefran uses a wide range of consolidated and new technologies, including potentiometry, magnetostriction, Hall effect, MEMS, and magnetic dragging. The position of mechanical parts in motion can be determined by linear and angular position transducers.

Pressure Sensors

Gefran’s industrial pressure transducers and transmitters measure the weight of liquids (fluid or vaporous) within the applications required. Specifically, melt pressure transducers are dedicated to applications including high process temperatures up to 540 °C. The products within the pressure sensors category include industrial and melt – high temperature.

Strain and Force Sensors

Force transducers measure compression, tensile, bending, and deformation forces. Gefran provides both the conventional form and the elite Sensormate models, which depend on the inventive “Press On” innovation and are perfect for carrying out non-stop and temporary measurements.

Temperature Sensors

To be accurate, temperature sensors must have the slightest impact conceivable on the values to be studied. Gefran, in its wide run of thermocouples and thermal resistances, meets the estimation needs required by the different mechanical sectors.

“Looking at our portfolio, one is quick to appreciate not only the breath of products, but also how Gefran remains on the leading edge of technology. One can look to our involvement and launch of IO link in many of our products, and the first in our market segment to launch a Melt Pressure Transducer with I/O Link. We also lead the way, when it comes to customization for our clients, which could be as simple as a private label to custom software!” said Tapan Mody. 

Commitment to Sustainability

Gefran’s 2021 year was characterized by extraordinary financial outcomes about which are indeed a noteworthy to the company’s overall success. Although the company recognizes that recovery began back in 2020, the analysis of the impact the global pandemic created indicates that, in addition to recording higher increases in productivity, companies with sustainable development policies have reacted better to the shock and taken better advantage of the opportunities presented by the recovery. Gefran expanded on the opportunities that came along with this recovery. The commitment Gefran has to sustainability has impacted the management and development of the entire company. To be successful in this area, Gefran has launched four concrete projects: sustainable innovation; updating of certification; the growth of its people; and promoting the culture of sustainability among their suppliers, who represent the cornerstone of competitive strategy.

For Gefran, financial, social, and environmental sustainability have always represented a way of being and operating, as well as providing the company a precise responsibility goal. For this reason, Gefran is committed to the community around them by focusing on activities related to positively impacting the areas where they operate.

In 2017, Gefran conducted an internal materiality analysis process, which identified the foremost critical areas in terms of their financial, social and/or environmental impact, as well as the potential impact within the evaluations and choices of the company’s partners. Gefran felt it was vital to actively involve its stakeholders through discussion and direct feedback – allowing for a shared sustainability path. This engagement allows the stakeholder to feel included in Gefran’s commitment to sustainability. Gefran was also inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and remains committed to this vision of the future.  

Research and Innovation

With research as a top priority for Gefran, their cutting edge, innovative products are a result of the extensive research the company performs. Gefran’s products lead rather than follow market trends and they partner with major global manufacturers to create application solutions that can meet and solve the problems of their customers. Gefran invests back in their own company by devoting a share of their revenue in R&D and staff training every year. This training ensures that all of the staff can be updated on trends and development with partnerships, creating the latest innovation for customers.

To stay ahead of the latest technology, Gefran invests in their employees’ continuing education and works with leading universities to provide training. Gefran finances research projects that are filled by many eligible candidates. Courses are offered for those that wish to take them and products are updated in automation laboratories.

Another outstanding example of Gefran’s commitment to continuing education is the company’s FLY Academy. The aim of FLY is to build the company of tomorrow by creating value for the group and its people today. Gefran is a company where people can thrive and FLY helps them achieve their goals by providing programs such as: long-term collaboration with universities, masters courses in innovation, managerial coaching, and mentoring.

Preparing for Tomorrow

As Gefran continues to make its mark on the sensor industry throughout the world, the company’s vision and commitment remains the same. Chief People & Organization Officer Patrizia Belotti, explains:

“The purpose is the reason why a person or an organization exists. Our purpose has shown to be positive in the business by inspiring us to pursue a long-term goal through sustainability. The future is our present – we aim to be innovative and fast. In addition, our future, is our gift to stakeholders and future generations. Our purpose tells us that we want to be leaders and so responsible of growth specifically in technology which builds value. This is meant to be a consistent inspiration and commitment.”