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Customers Write | C-more HMI

Here at AutomationDirect our number one priority is customer service and satisfaction. We strive every day to meet the wants and needs of our customers and we welcome any feedback. Let’s take a look at our C-more® HMI and what you had to say about our recently released EA9 series touch panels.

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In regards to Value…

Starting at just $499, C-more is designed to give users one of the best costs of ownership, considering initial price, features, ease of use, reliability and free award winning technical support.

C-More HMI value review 1

C-More HMI value review 2

In regards to Compatibility…

In the competitive world of industrial controls, versatility and compatibility are key considerations. C-more HMIs offer many connectivity options that allow them to be utilized in a variety of applications, and with a variety of platforms. In addition to all AutomationDirect PLCs, the C-more HMIs can connect to different brands of PLCs simultaneously!

C-More HMI compatibility review

In regards to Features and Ease of Use…

Some of the new features in our C-more lineup include the Remote Access and Control feature and the HDMI capability. The built-in Remote Access and Control feature allows users to monitor and control the HMI from any Ethernet connected PC or configured mobile device. The HDMI feature allows users to monitor what is being displayed on the C-more screen on any HDMI supported TV or monitor (HDMI support available on the 12-inch and 15-inch C-more panels).

C-More HMI features review 1

C-More HMI features review 2

Closing the loop…

Just like in a control system, without feedback we are operating blindly. The feedback we receive from our customers, be it positive or negative, tells us what we are doing right and what we need to correct. So, let us know what you think. You can submit your comments on our website on any of the product review pages (as seen below) and as always thank you for your input.

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