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Supplier Profile: LS ELECTRIC | A Visionary in Automation

LS Electric Headquarters

Imagine a future of a fully automated supply chain where items are manufactured, assembled, shipped, and delivered entirely by automated machines. This notion used to seem far-fetched, but is now a very real and current reality. While the fear of a robotic revolution remains the theme in some movies, these advanced technologies are making life, and work, easier everywhere.  

As the energy sector continues to evolve, LS ELECTRIC remains at the forefront of automation system technologies in an effort to make energy smarter, safer and more convenient for everyone.  The company is shifting its focus from being a product-provider to an integrated solution provider of devices, software, and communication devices, sensors & systems – the entire scope.  As a conglomerate based in South Korea after branching off from LG Group in 2003, LS ELECTRIC continues to develop and expand its global reach.  With its comprehensive range of power and automation systems products, state-of-the-art Institute of Power Testing and Technology, and award-winning sustainability, it’s no surprise that LS ELECTRIC is leading the globe in smart energy solutions.

Innovative Past Leads to Bright Future

LS ELECTRIC has been a leading player in the automation industry in South Korea and its products are used with some of the largest brand names. Process automation is something that has only recently become a standard part of many companies’ operations, yet LS ELECTRIC has been manufacturing automation for decades.

Since its foundation in 1974 as Lucky Packing Co., the company has been a leader in the Korean electric industry on mission to deliver safe, effective energy solutions all over the world. With headquarters in South Korea, LS ELECTRIC quickly grew across Asia and into overseas markets including the United States and Europe. As the company expanded production in the 1980s, its focus was on automation products, specifically PLC, AC, and Servo drives. The 1990s brought continued growth and innovation securing LS ELECTRIC as an expert in the automation industry and it quickly became a leader in global energy. In 2016, the annual sales of PLC exceeded $1 billion KRW and in 2017, the company was nominated as one of the world’s top 100 businesses in patent applications in Europe. Then, 2018 was another year of great success, as LS ELECTRIC sold 3 million units of a single drive model.

Starting 2020 with the new name LS ELECTRIC Automation CIC., the company aims to lay the foundation for sustainability and provide customers with total solutions for the automation industry based on leading technology. Today, LS ELECTRIC continues to secure its position at the forefront of the new era of energy business by establishing mid to long-term concepts for overseas markets to broaden its global business presence. Today, with more than 3,500 employees and a sales revenue approaching $3 billion USD, LS ELECTRIC has secured a top spot as a total solution provider for smart power and automation. The company aims to open up a brighter future through efficient and convenient energy solutions, or as their company motto goes, “Futuring Smart Energy.”

“We are leading the way towards a new future through innovations that exceed our customers’ expectations,” said LS ELECTRIC CEO and Chairman Ja-Kyun Koo.  “We are creating an efficient and convenient future through ICT convergence, the integration of sophisticated technologies, and by delivering safe, clean energy.”

Today, after nearly 40 years of experience in the electric power industry, LS ELECTRIC develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of power, automation and railway solutions to both Korean and overseas markets.  The company is recognized as one of the Top 10 Korean Enterprises with production facilities and offices around the globe.

Trailblazers in Automation

From production facility to information system, LS ELECTRIC is creating core automation solutions across many industries. LS ELECTRIC automation products run one of the largest water facilities in the world. Located in Seoul, the system is composed of LS ELECTRIC motion controllers, servo drivers, modules and magnets.

LS ELECTRIC established the smart factory solution, where low voltage circuit breakers and electric switches are manufactured. The solution has been applied to production lines and has completed the entire automation process from assembly, to inspection, to packaging.

The packaging industry benefits from the use of LS ELECTRIC automation solutions by increasing compatibility and reducing engineering costs. In addition to the packaging industry, LS ELECTRIC products are also well-suited for the automotive industry with Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors being their main customers. LS ELECTRIC offers key automation solutions for the manufacturing process in these plants by increasing efficiency, stability, and durability. Other globally recognized brands who utilize LS ELECTRIC products include Samsung, LG Electronics, LE Energy Solution, and LG Display.

Better Energy For Future Generations

Established in 1999, LS ELECTRIC’s Institute of Power Testing and Technology (PT&T) has been an integral part of the company’s continued success and helps it improve technological competitiveness. Global manufacturing footprints and top-notch R&D centers allow LS ELECTRIC to produce global top-level products with unparalleled cost competitiveness.

As Korea’s first private sector testing lab, PT&T has established alliances with world-class certification institutes including UL, KOLAS and ASTA. At LS ELECTRIC, investment in the future is a priority. By investing 6% of sales into R&D to focus on future development, the company is able to maintain its competitive advantage and plan for future business and technologies.

Superior Products | AutomationDirect Availability 

Established as a total solutions provider through consistently superior products, LS ELECTRIC has grown quickly into a leading manufacturer of automation and control products.  At AutomationDirect, customers can choose from a selection of motion control, cables, and precision gearboxes to suit their needs.

LS ELECTRIC Powers a Smarter, Brighter Future

With the future of energy quickly changing, smart energy is increasingly important. Progressive companies like LS ELECTRIC make smart energy systems a top priority and stay ahead of the competition with world-class quality and technological proficiency.

“We will continue to achieve better results as a business synonymous with first-rate quality and excellent R&D capability, a business that provides total solutions to customers, a business to be reckoned with, and a business that knows how to grow together with its customers,” said Koo. “We are proud to have secured a solid position in the smart energy sector.”