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Supplier Profile: Lutze

LUTZE Inc., an industrial automation manufacturer headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, serves its customers well by offering products in the four Cs of automation technology: cable, connectivity, cabinet, and control. Their high-quality, reliable product offerings help other companies develop automated solutions for their manufacturing and shipping needs. 

“For four decades, our customers have valued our cable and connectivity products because they are designed for harsh environments and carry multiple approvals for code compliance,” said Brad Meeks, Director of Sales, North America. “They perform well and are adaptable to many applications.”

LUTZE’s rugged products and sought-after application expertise help customers develop the best solutions for their specific automation needs and give them peace of mind. LUTZE’s products include:  

  • Industrial control, power, and network cables
  • Grounding and wire management products
  • Control cabinet wiring systems
  • Compact power supplies
  • Electronic circuit breaker devices and relays

LUTZE Inc. is a member of the LUETZE INTERNATIONAL Group which operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Spain, China, and the United States. The parent company has more than 60 years of pioneering achievements and is one of the leading firms in the automation industry worldwide.

A Leader in Industrial Automation Since 1958

Mr. Friedrich Lütze founded the company in 1958 as Friedrich Lütze GmbH in Weinstadt near Stuttgart, Germany. The company’s philosophy was to be among the leading suppliers in the automation industry featuring highly innovative and efficient products. It put that philosophy to work right away and soon earned international patents for many of its products.

In 1966, it launched the LUTZE SUPERFLEX® line of cables, which remains a mainstay of its cable offerings today. A few years later in 1972, it launched its innovative LSC Wiring System. In 1982 as part of its worldwide expansion, the company established LUTZE Inc. in Charlotte, NC to support the growing customer base and demand in the U.S. and the rest of North America.

Today, more than 120 people work in the organization to design, manufacture and sell industrial automation control components and cables, specializing in flexible and continuous motion cables marketed under the LUTZE SILFLEX®, LUTZE SUPERFLEX®, DRIVEFLEX®, and MOTIONFLEX® brands. These lines include control, electronic, bus and network, motor supply, and VFD, and servo and feedback cables. AutomationDirect sells all types of LUTZE cables.

LUTZE also manufactures grounding and wire management products, compact power supplies, wiring systems for control cabinets, electronic circuit breakers and relays. In 2015, as demand in North America continued to grow, LUTZE acquired Data Guide Cable, a U.S. cable manufacturer, expanding its production capability in the cable and wire field.

Cable Solutions

LUTZE’s multiconductor cables are valued by customers for their many uses and rugged construction. LUTZE SILFLEX® cables can be used in stationary and flexible applications in machine tools, machine and plant construction, industrial HVAC technology, assembly and production lines, and in many other industrial applications.

LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP cables for food and beverage processing have a patented design and are compliant with FDA 21 CFR, UL approved for NFPA 79 applications, and certified to withstand common cleaning agents and chemicals used in frequent washdown procedures.

The LUTZE SILFLEX® M Motor TPE series of cables is designed to connect power to 3-phase motors and servo drives in harsh industrial environments and operating conditions with high noise levels. These cables are tray rated and can be used with or without conduit, making installations quick and cost-effective because of the reduced cost of labor and materials. The specially formulated TPE cable jacket is resistant to oil and sunlight as well as suitable for dry, damp, wet, and direct burial locations. The cables are available with four conductors and with an additional shielded twisted signal pair for feedback or brake control. They come in various sizes and can be cut to length in 1-foot increments.  

Connectivity, Cabinet, and Control Offerings

In addition to its prized line of cables, LUTZE offers connectivity solutions such as servo cable assemblies according to Siemens 6FX, Allen-Bradley 2090, and Bosch Rexroth Indramat standards.

For cabinet solutions, LUTZE introduced the AirSTREAM wiring system in 2012. It saves customers space, time, and cost. Its modular aluminum frame replaces a traditional back panel and wire duct for mounting and wiring of electrical components in a control enclosure. It also shortens wiring times, improves air circulation, and optimizes heat dissipation inside the cabinet to enhance the longevity of components.

From a control standpoint, LUTZE offers DIN rail mountable compact power supplies, industrial Ethernet switches, LCIS relays, and electronic circuit breakers.

Driving Automation Efficiency: A Continuous Goal

As part of its product development cycle, LUTZE has focused on efficiency for many years to benefit customers and its own manufacturing processes as well. It manufactures its products in a resourceful and energy-conscious manner, using long-lasting and environmentally friendly materials.

Growing in North America

In 2018, LUTZE began cable assembly production in the U.S. and plans to continue its sales and production growth in North America. To do that, it is investing in its people, facilities, and product innovation to drive even more value to customers and support its distribution channel partners. It recently introduced additional sales and technical support in Mexico and Canada.

“As part of our North American growth initiative, the timing is right for us to expand our presence throughout Mexico, providing our customers with high-quality automation solutions for industrial markets,” said Meeks.

The company is expanding by opening an operating facility in Sparks, Nevada, for additional technical sales support and product warehousing.

Planning For the Future

LUTZE is continuing its history of product innovation. It recently introduced new or enhanced offerings, including:

  • CABLEFIX® cable entry products to simplify cable management
  • DRIVEFLEX® HYDRO VFD cables for pumping and water system applications
  • Single Pair Ethernet cables 
  • E-CO Ethernet switches with intelligent energy management
  • New generation of electronic circuit breakers with improved features and small form factor
  • A new generation of existing products with optimized features

“These innovative products will enable us to continue helping customers efficiently address their automation technology needs,” said Meeks. “For example, we designed the new generation of LOCC-Box devices with the end user in mind: We want to increase the ease of assembly, connection technology, and control cabinet performance without compromising the line’s unique original features, such as patented characteristic curves and adjustable current settings.”

With its long history of product enhancement, LUTZE is well positioned to achieve its goal of helping customers become more efficient in their manufacturing and production processes and driving growth for themselves.