Motion ControlProduct

Using the LS-Electric XGB PLC and iX7 Servo Systems for EtherCAT®-based Servo Motion Control

Modern multi-axis servo systems require a network for coordination of all the various movements. EtherCAT provides a high-speed cyclic mode that can update all the servo systems on the network within a few milliseconds. EtherCAT multi-axis servo systems can be created using the LS Electric XGB PLC in conjunction with LS Electric iX7 servo systems for high-performance multi-axis control in demanding applications. With an EtherCAT system, you can define up to 400 position setpoints per axis in the PLC, then trigger those moves over the network. All the motion parameters are stored, loaded and triggered in the PLC, which can simplify your control scheme. The LS iX7 servo systems can also be networked on a ModbusTCP network, with similar multi-axis motion control capabilities.

Advanced Motion Features with the LS Electric System Include:

  • Flying Shear
    • A traversing axis tracks the motion of material feed to make cuts “on the fly”, without having to stop or pause production (material flow).
  • Electronic Gearing
    • Create multiple gear ratios between axes. Switch ratios “on the fly”.
  • Advanced Torque Control
    • This mode is perfect for precise tensioning and winding applications.
  • Registration
    • Set up precise registration corrections with a sensor input, and automatically correct for inconsistencies or variations in products or processes.
  • Electronic Camming
    • Eight cam profiles (per axis) can be configured from a mix of 20 predefined curve shapes.

LS Electric XGB Motion-Centric PLC

  • Built-in ModbusTCP and Ethernet connectivity
  • EtherCAT option modules
  • EtherNet/IP option modules
  • Supports several IEC programming languages including structured text and ladder logic programming
  • High-speed inputs for encoders, and other motion related I/O
  • High-speed outputs to control stepping systems

LS Electric iX7 EtherCAT Servo Drives

  • Cyclic mode: all drives are updated every EtherCAT cycle (~1 millisecond) with position, velocity, or torque setpoints
  • Profile mode: drives receive target setpoints for each move (over EtherCAT or ModbusTCP)
  • All drive/motion info is stored in the PLC and available over the network to simply your control scheme
  • Download firmware over the network
  • 110VAC 1φ operation up to 400W
  • 230VAC 1φ operation up to 2.2kW
  • All sizes accept 230VAC 3φ input power

Compatible Servo Motors

  • 9 sizes from 100W to 3.5kW
  • Low and medium inertia models
  • Professionally manufactured cable sets in four lengths with continuous flexing option

Use the LS Electric XGB PLC and iX7 servo systems to solve your motion control applications. Learn more