2021 FIRST Robotics INFINITE RECHARGE 3D Printable Field

20:1 Scale Model of the 2021 Field

AutomationDirect’s animation team converted the animation models into 3D printable models for you to play with.  This is the “playing field” for the FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2021.  For more info about FIRST and the 2021 game: “INFINITE RECHARGE” – please visit the FIRST website

Printable Scale Model of the INFINITE RECHARGE Field – 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition

>>>> CLICK HERE to download the STL Files, Graphics, Floor Mat
(These are identical to the 2021 models, except the “GeneratorBerm2021.STL” file)

These models are NOT intended to be accurate representations of the actual field – please do not use them for ANY game, rule or ‘build’ decisions.  These models have been highly modified from the actual field drawings to make them easy to 3D print and assemble and to give the general appearance of the actual INFINITE RECHARGE field.  To paraphrase from the Latin – Caveat Printor! –  Let the printer beware!

All parts should fit together, but that depends heavily on your printer accuracy. Hopefully, they are close enough that you can file things down a little if needed. The examples shown here were all printed on an inexpensive, low-end RepRap 3D Printer – so any printer you have should be able to print at least as well.

NOTE: We are NOT CAD experts, so if you see ways to improve these PLEASE do so and send us a copy – we will add it to the library. Let’s make this a community project!

Print settings we used for all items:

  •      0.2mm layers
  •      Shell .4mm
  •      Top and bottom .4mm
  •      Fill 20% – you may want to print some of the thinner parts at 100% fill
  •      PLA: extruder 190, bed 60
  •      No supports (except the Goal which uses base support only)

While we have your attention 

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Assembly Instructions:

Apply Graphics

Print graphics from included file and apply to field elements. We like to use “Re-positionable Adhesive” because it allows you to remove and re-position the graphics. Krylon, Elmers and 3M all have versions of this.

Field Perimeter Assembly

Print the following items:

Qty     Item
6        Driver Stations – print face down
2        Power Ports – print face down with supports touching printer plate
2        Loading Bays – print face down, should not need supports
16      Side Rails – face down

Step 1: Remove 3D Printer Supports from Power Ports:

To remove the supporting material, just cram some needle nose pliers in and twist and pull. Repeat that a couple times to quickly tear out all the supports for the mid goal:

Insert needle nose pliers and twist to remove supporting material in Mid Goal
Step 2: Apply graphic decals to Loading Bays and Power Ports:

Hint: Cut the ball boles AFTER applying the graphics

Step 3:  Assemble Two Driver Station walls face down using 1.75mm filament as pins
Alliance Wall: 3 Driver Stations, Power Port, Loading Bay using filament as hinge pins
Step 4: Add guardrails

Assemble 8 guard rails by inserting enough filament to span the hinges (don’t need to go all the way up the wall). Trim excess filament off. No need to glue it in place.

Use 8 guardrails per side

Insert final pins between portals and side rails:

Connecting Guardrails to Alliance Wall

Use a straight edge to align side rails and tape or glue side rails to surface (angle aluminum works well for aligning the rails and hot glue works well for securing it to the surface):

Side Rail Alignment

Shield Generator Assembly

Print the following items:

Qty     Item
2        Shield Generator Quarter Part A- print upside down
2        Shield Generator Quarter Part B – print upside down
2        Generator Switches
2        Generator Switch Outer Supports
2 Generator Switch Center Support

Sand edges to be glued, apply a dab of super glue on all mating surfaces and clamp the 4 sections as shown:

Assemble the four parts as shown
Binder clips work great for holding it together …

3D Print Switch bumpers and supports:

Switch bumpers have two different angles

Print Generator Switch Parts:

Be sure to add a slot to the decals

Apply Decals (note the added cutout …):

Assemble the Generator Switches (Decals not shown for clarity)

Add the Generator Switch supports, bumpers, and corner decals. We used super glue though hot glue would work fine too.

HINT: Use the switches to align switch supports as shown in second image:

Notice there are two different switch bumpers one with wide angle and one with narrow angle. Decals wrap around the corners.

This model is designed to use standard coat hanger wire to support the Generator switches, though you can use anything you want.

The supporting wire is closest to the narrow switch bumpers.

3D Print Red and Blue Boundaries and use a black marker to modify the color as shown:

Use a black marker to color the center rail BLACK


Print the following items:

Qty     Item
2        Trench Control Panel
2        Trench Tunnel Sensor Bar 2 Trench Tunnel Color Wheel 2 Control Panel Rocket Decals

Use a drill bit to enlarge hole in tunnel so wheel spins freely:

Assemble as shown:

Assembled Control Panel and Tunnel


Print the following items:

Qty     Item
96       Power Cell Half

Assemble as shown:

Glue half balls together to make 48 Power Cells

Assemble Field

Print the following items:

Qty     Item
1       Floor Mat (Carpet)

Place items as shown

Hint: The field came out a little narrow so the generator and control panels don’t really fit as intended. The simple fix is to place one leg of the Control Panel OUTSIDE the guard rail.

Please let us know what you think and if you can show us a better way to do this!

3D Modeling Contest

Keep an eye out for the 2021 3D-modeling contest where you submit a 20:1 scale model of YOUR robot to fit on this field!

You can reach us by e-mail:


Or on Chief Delphi:

Rick Folea:        user: rfolea
Chip McDaniel  user: only1chip

Additional Photos:

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