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And the award goes to…

The 2017 Control Design Readers’ Choice Awards is in its 17th year and we are honored to be placed in the top 5 for many of our product groups. The Readers’ Choice Award is especially gratifying since it is an unaided ballot, meaning no list of suppliers is provided to influence the votes cast. This is truly a ballot based on personal experiences. More than 18,000 individuals with buying authority or influence were polled and asked to provide their first, second and third choices for more than 65 product categories. The competition was tough but we managed to place in the top tier for nine categories and they are below.

PLC Programming Software / HMI Software

In this category for PLC and HMI software, AutomationDirect ranked 3rd overall. That is an extremely impressive placement and don’t forget that most of our PLC and HMI software is completely FREE!

To learn more about AutomationDirect’s PLC and HIM Software, visit:

PLC / PAC / Operator Interface / Stack Light Tower

For these product categories, AutomationDirect finished a solid 4th place. We are very pleased to be recognized in these categories where we strive to provide our customers with the best control solution for any budget.

To learn more about AutomationDirect’s PLCs and PACs, visit:

To learn more about AutomationDirect’s Operator Interface, visit:

To learn more about AutomationDirect’s Stack Light Tower, visit:

Terminal Blocks / Stepper Motor

In these two categories, AutomationDirect grabbed the 5th place spot. Our mission is to supply everything our customers need to complete their project on time and under budget. We are thrilled to be recognized for a wide range of products that includes stepper motors and even terminal blocks.

To learn more about AutomationDirect’s stepper motor, visit:

To learn more about AutomationDirect’s terminal blocks, visit: 

Power Supply

For power supply products, AutomationDirect came in at 6th place. Our power supply offering is constantly growing and we offer many products in this category at low prices. It’s exciting to see that our power supply products have received recognition as a preferred choice in the industry.

To learn more about AutomationDirect’s power supply products, visit:

With the abundance of suppliers in the market today, it is harder and harder to stand apart. However, since our beginning, over 20 years ago, we have been focused on providing great products at great prices with the best overall customer buying experience. We thank all those who voted in this year’s Control Design Readers’ Choice Awards and are very excited that our products have been selected. These are just a few of the many, many products we have to offer. So check us out for all of your industrial automation needs, after all we don’t want to be just another supplier, we want to be your supplier!