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AutomationDirect offers additional RUKO cutting tools

AutomationDirect has expanded their offering of RUKO cutting tools to include additional high-speed steel jobber length drill bits in fractional sizes ranging from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch, internal and external thread chasers, knockout punch kits, grinders and more. Available in single pieces and in sets, RUKO cutting tools are backed with a one-year warranty.

RUKO cutting toolsBlack and gold jobber length drill bits are high-performance twist drills suitable for normal drilling in conventional materials. The high-speed steel bits are made with a 5% Cobalt alloy (HSS-Co5) with a black oxide surface treatment on the bevel which decreases cutting forces and increases wear resistance of the bit. RUKO black and gold drill bits 5/32 and larger feature a 3-surface shank that helps align the bit in the chuck and eliminates bit spinning to provide ideal power transmission. These drill bits are intended for use on material such as: alloyed and unalloyed steel, steel resistant to rust and acid, cast iron, brass, bronze and more. Black and gold jobber length drill bits start at $16.00; sets are also available starting at $95.00.

RUKO’s internal and external thread chasers are suitable for right or left hand threads (metric and inches) and require no prior thread measurement. They adjust to the correct thread diameter and pitch to repair damaged threads and remove rust and burrs. Internal thread chasers start at $91.00 (spare blades start at $16.50); external thread chasers start at $82.00 (spare blades start at $26.00). Thread chaser sets are available starting at $247.00.

A squeeze activated hydraulic knockout punch kit ($845.00) allows a user to quickly and precisely punch clean holes in sheet metal and plastic up to 5/32 inch thick. Designed for use with RUKO knockout punches (sold separately), the knockout punch kit features a compact design, manually actuated pistol grip and provides 50kN (11,000 lbf) of punching force.

The RUKO pneumatic grinder ($61.00) has a rubberized, non-slip handle that absorbs vibration and protects the users’ hand from slipping while working. The variable speed is adjusted by a governor on top of the grinder. It has a tool adapter made of hardened steel and an exhaust port directs air backwards through the handle. Grinder kits are available starting at $124.00.

Tungsten carbide rotary burrs are high-performance rotary burrs that provide maximum cutting edge stability and high cutting edge tenacity. A double-cut pattern provides a higher cutting capacity compared with single cut burrs, particularly on materials which are difficult to cut. Designed for use on materials such as high-alloy steels, non-rusting steels, acid-resistant steels, heat-resistant steels, diecasts and plastics, rotary burrs start at $13.00; sets are available starting at $48.50.

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About AutomationDirect:

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