RPM Automation Inc. is a system integration firm located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a member integrator of the SI Direct Program, RPM provides an array of design and integration services across industries including manufacturing, oil/gas, water/wastewater, material handling and pulp/paper.

Stephen Goodwin founded RPM Automation in 2005, with the goal of delivering technical solutions that enhance productivity and safety to ultimately maximize customers’ profitability. Mr. Goodwin is a Certified Electronic Engineering Tech with 31 years of engineering experience in the automation industry.SIDirect_Logo_web_2009_ver1

Building on a solid foundation of Medium Voltage AC Drives (commissioning throughout North America and Russia) and PLC/HMI design and programming, RPM Automation has utilized various AutomationDirect products in customer applications. Among these product lines are: DirectLOGIC PLCs, C-more and C-more Micro HMI touch panels, DURApulse VFDs, and Productivity3000 PAC systems.

RPM Automation also provides timely industrial troubleshooting expertise on various integrated control systems, even hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They work with in-house maintenance teams and independently as needed to identify and eliminate causes of costly system downtime.

The Start of a Partnership

In 2011, a prominent and innovative fuel distribution company approached RPM Automation with the need to automate an oil-water separator. RPM chose the popular DirectLOGIC DL06 PLC for the job. The DL06 was programmed to read nine discrete inputs from a dedicated level-detection system as well as temperatures for the electrical cabinet, outdoors, and tank ambient via an RTD card. The data is displayed on a six-inch C-more panel. When critical oil/water levels, temperatures, or Hydrocarbon levels are detected, the C-more HMI will email these alarms to the computers/smart phones of techs and managers so the situation can be dealt with promptly. The end user has remote access to the HMI to view all pages live to see what is happening in the field.

steel-craft-doors-ltdThe control cabinet to the right, designed by RPM Automation Inc., contains seven DuraPulse drivesplus motor controls purchased from AutomationDirect. RPM Automation Inc.’s customer, Steel-Craft Door Ltd, in Edmonton,Canada, produces high quality garage doors and associated hardware for commercial and residential purposes. Learn more at their Web site: http://www.steel-craft.ca/

Very pleased with the first project, the company then asked RPM to work with them to design and build a prototype control/monitor system for another project. RPM Automation went to work, designing the system around the Productivity 3000 (P3000) PAC and two 15-inch C-more touch panels which monitor/control the new system. Further details will be released upon completion of this unique project.

AutomationDirect is pleased to welcome RPM Automation to the SI Direct Program as the first member integrator in Canada!

Please contact Stephen Goodwin for more information.

RPM Automation
Phone: 780-237-5700
E-mail: stephen@rpmautomation.com

By Tim Roberts,

Originally Posted: March 1, 2012