What happens to AutomationDirect.com products when they are taken out of the box? We asked you guys to show us what happens when our products leave the box and you get your hands on them. Honestly, the applications that our customers shared with us were amazingly awesome. We had several great videos submitted over the last couple of weeks, and we wanted to recap some of the most popular ones here in case you missed something. We were pretty excited about each and every video but alas we only have space to share a few. Below you will find the top four videos that were entered into our “Out of the Box” video contest!


Check Out Our Customers Videos that Got the Most Votes

#1  Click PLC AMF-Pinsetter Retrofit

Video Description: The AMF-Pinsetter previously ran on stepper motor logic, interlock relays, and contactors. The machine control was upgraded using a Click PLC with drum sequencer control that mimicked the original stepper motor control. Click PLC AC I/O modules and a Click PLC Relay Output module were also used. The machine previously used Allen Bradley relays with braking resistors. The contactors were upgraded to WEG contactors with varistors and additional control blocks. The machine now operates using AutomationDirect.com relays. These relays control the foul circuit that existed in the original machine. The AMF-Pinsetter also utilizes an AutomationDirect.com Power Relay to control the power to the machine. The Click PLC was able to replace the on-board 14 relays and increase the reliability of the system all while replacing obsolete components. The upgraded PLC will allow for migrating as the AutomationDirect.com hardware upgrades.

#2 Kamikaze – Punkin Chunkin 2K14

Video Description: Each year, hundreds of pumpkins lose their lives at the Punkin Chunkin 2K14 in Colorado. Their sacrifice is not in vain: this short video shows the design and construction of Kamikaze, a compressed air cannon, along with some launch footage. Kamikaze placed second overall at Punkin Chunkin Colorado 2K14, and set a personal best for launch distance at 2,884.9 feet. The Kamikaze is a machine made up of many pneumatic components. A 3.7 inch manual air value was installed to control the air pressure shooting the pumpkin out of the cannon. Next you have the NITRA® NFPA rod cylinder which is attached to two clevis, creating a pivot point and giving the cylinder the ability to move. Please check out our video and feel free to share with your family and friends.

Check Out Our Employees Videos with the Most Votes

Note: Employee videos were not eligible for the grand prize. They entered just for fun! 

#1 Automate your Pecan Shelling with this DIY project…

Video Description:  Using AutomationDirect DC Drive and motor, along with a precision gearbox, this simple Pecan Sheller will crack open your bulk pecans in minutes!

This application was created by using a concrete block with a tapered plastic trash can. Then using the same trash can you create an insert and mount it to an iron pole with a sprocket. You can adjust the gap for different size pecans by raising or lowering the spinal using the pin. Check back next year for the updated version that produces whole pecans!!!!

#2 Star Wars AT-ST Halloween Costume…

Video Description: Check out this awesome Star Wars AT-ST Halloween costume which was powered by an AutomationDirect Click PLC.

Star Wars AT-ST Halloween costumes are assembled with a couple simple AutomationDirect.com products. The CO2 power streamer cannons and the LED lights are all powered by a CLICK PLC. On the inside of the AT-ST the streamers were stored in a carousel that was rotated into place for each shot. The system was powered by two 7.2V batteries that 14VDC was fed into a Rhino DC-DC converter to create the 24 VDC needed for the PLC, pneumatics, streamer cannons, and the LEDs. The costume was made completely from white chloroplast. With some creative painting you are now ready to show off your new Halloween costume.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! You all had some great applications to share utilizing our products. If you didn’t get a chance to participate in this contest, no worries. I am sure we will do another contest or give-away soon. The best way to keep up with all of our contest and giveaways is to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter because we love running contests on our social media accounts (Hint, Hint)!