Fractional Shipping

The harried shipping clerk at the puzzle factory knew he had shipped just over 20,000 puzzles for the week, but he had lost track of the actual numbers. He did recall that one-third of Mondays shipping total, two-sevenths of the Tuesday total, seven-twelfths of the Wednesday total, nine-thirteenths of the Thursday total, and fifteen-twenty-seconds of the Friday total were all the exact same (whole)number of puzzles. Can you determine the total number of puzzles shipped that week?


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Cubic Unfolding

Cutting a cubical box along seven (and only seven!) edges allows the sides to open to a flat shape such as the two shown below. Not counting the versions that are merely reflections or rotations of others, how many unique shapes can be formed?


Fold the Sheet

Make a 2×4 rectangle out of paper, and write the numbers 1-8 on it as shown. Can you fold the paper into a 1×1 flat stack so that the numbered panels are in order from 1 to 8 through the stack, with the “1” on top and facing outward? No tearing is required, just folding and bending.


Yet another use for Cable Ties

Can you arrange 6 cable ties so that each tie is touching the other five?


Bonus question (much easier): Who sells cable ties, wire and other wiring solutions at the lowest prices in the industry? That’s right! [hozbreak]

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The Last Word

The most robots ever in one place at one time! See this IEEE article about this swarm of robots 1000 strong, and how they communicate collaboratively to perform their task. Brainteasers-The-Last-WordSee the video about halfway through the page … [hozbreak]

Puzzle concepts credited to: Henry E. Dudeney