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Brainteasers – Issue 39, 2018

1.) Conveyor Race

Three boxes of automation equipment are traveling in the same direction on parallel conveyors in the AutomationDirect warehouse. At a certain moment, a box full of motors is a certain distance behind a box of gears, which is twice that distance behind a box of timing belts. The conveyors are all moving at uniform rates of speed, such that the motors pass the gears in seven minutes, and go on to pass the timing belts five minutes later. How long after that, would the gears pass the timing belts?

2.) Fuse Ruse

An automation supplier (who shall remain nameless) sells fuses in strange quantities. Boxes of fuses are available containing 16, 17, 23, 24, 39, and 40 fuses respectively, but they will not sell them any other way – nor will they break a box. A customer wished to order exactly 100 fuses. Were they able to fill the order exactly?  If not, how close were they able to get? They do have ample quantities of all box sizes.

3.) Paint Match

It was noted that the robot in the factory can assemble 65 widgets in one eight hour shift.  Alternately it can paint assembled widgets at a rate of 104 widgets per shift. The foreman asked how many widgets could be assembled AND painted in a single shift by the one robot?