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BRX PLC Announced as Finalist for Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year

AutomationDirect’s BRX PLC was announced as a Finalist in the Automation & Controls category for Plant Engineering’s 2017 Product of the Year. You can check out the new BRX PLC here. Winners will be announced on April 2, 2018.

New BRX PLC Announced as Finalist for Plant Engineering's Product of the Year

More About the BRX

The new BRX is making innovation affordable by providing high performance at low cost. This overachiever is built to last and is engineered, manufactured and supported in the U.S., with hardware design and fabrication facilities located in Tennessee and Florida. Over 25 years of PLC hardware design knowledge has gone into the BRX design, to the benefit of control system designers, programmers, technicians and end users.

The BRX comes with built-in data handling and storage, with data-centric instructions enabling custom data logging and file handling operations. It also includes integrated motion control and a range of instructions for performing simple to advanced move profiles.

The BRX PLC platform includes onboard serial communication with an Ethernet option, and an additional hot-swappable communications port providing support for Modbus, EtherNet/IP and ASCII.

Integrated or expansion discrete, high-speed and analog I/O is offered. Four form factors are available to choose from with various I/O configurations. The BRX PLC units are also expandable with up to eight additional I/O modules, depending on the model selected.

The BRX comes with flexible hardware and communications options that help bring automation to life on the factory floor, and it works well in a variety of industry applications including automotive assembly, custom machines, packaging, process skids, building controls and more. But that’s just part of the story. The free Do-more Designer programming software was developed and is also supported in the U.S. by expert developers with years of experience at the Host Engineering facility in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Designed with American ingenuity, built by your neighbors and supported at home, it’s a better solution.

Both new and experienced users should feel confident selecting the BRX hardware and Do-more Designer solution for use in machines and throughout a facility. If help is needed, it’s instantly available via direct access to large video library. Do-more Designer software includes a video help browser for quick access to a library of about 100 instructional videos related to the BRX hardware and Do-more software. If you need help with EtherNet/IP, motion, PID or any topic—just filter the results using key words, and click one of the many videos for instant help.

The BRX has the features, low cost and ease of expansion required for industrial applications, and it’s simple to design and program. Take the time to review its capabilities, and let the BRX and AutomationDirect’s award winning support help bring your automation systems to life.

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