BRX PLCs – Designed to Do-more!

The newest Do-more! PLC platform, the BRX PLC, manufactured by Host Engineering is truly an under-budget overachiever. Host Engineering is one of AutomationDirect’s long-time PLC suppliers and a development partner for the Do-more! family of controllers.

Host Engineering

Host Engineering was founded in 1992 with the mission to create DirectSOFT, the first Window-based micro PLC programming package, which supported the 1994 launch of PLCDirect by Koyo, now Host Engineering and AutomationDirect have partnered to develop and offer enhanced PLC programming software, data servers, Ethernet communications, and high-speed motion I/O products. In 2012, the powerful and agile Do-more! PLC control technology was launched. This revolutionary PLC technology was first introduced in the H2 CPU as a next-generation CPU option for the longstanding DL205 PLC line. Now, this partnership has produced the Do-more! based BRX PLC platform with a multitude of new features that are both innovative and affordable.

In this video, you are given an insider’s look at why BRX PLCs were needed, what makes them so special, and how the design came about from the president of Host Engineering, Bob Oglesby.

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