Product End of Life Announcement for C-more EA7 Series Operator Panels

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The Product End of Life notice signifies that a part number or product series has entered the final phases of the product life cycle.  The manufacturer of the C-more operator interface panels has notified AutomationDirect that the C-more EA7 series operator panels will be entering the end of life phase due to component obsolescence.

Expected Availability Date:

C-more EA7 series panels will be discontinued once we are no longer able to obtain more products from the manufacturer and our stock is depleted. Stock is expected to be available until the end of 2016.

Product End of Life Announcement for C-more EA7 Series Operator Panels 2
Part Numbers Affected:

  • EA7-T6CL
  • EA7-T8C
  • EA7-T12C
  • EA7-T6CL-R
  • EA7-T10C
  • EA7-T15C

Alternate Products:

C-more EA9 series panels are a direct replacement for the EA7 series.


The EA9-PGMSW software package is required to program the EA9 series panels. Customers who already have the C-more programming software for the EA7 Series (EA-PGMSW) can upgrade for free. Use your existing software key code to install the EA9-PGMSW software.


Standard C-more two year warranty polices remain in effect.

Repair Service:

Standard C-more repair service policies remain in effect.

Technical Assistance:

If you have any questions regarding this Product Advisory, please contact Technical Support at 770-844-4200 or 800-633-0405 for further assistance.

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