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AutomationDirect Products Rank High in Control Design Readers’ Choice Awards

Once again, AutomationDirect PLC and other products have been highly ranked as voted on by automation professionals.

AutomationDirect PLCs, HMIs, and motion controllers were recently recognized in the Control Design 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards for several categories. You can find the magazine issue online here.

Each year, Control Design invites readers who identify themselves as having buying influence or authority to select their preferred automation product manufacturers in a variety of categories. Among the categories are Control PLC, Hardware Operator Interface, and Control Motion Controller.

This awards program is unique because no candidates are pre-listed. Instead, all voting participants must consider and write in first, second and third preferences for each category based on their opinion of the supplier’s products and services. This unguided approach is a distinctive way to truly identify products preferred by end users, machine builders, and system integrators. The magazine publishes the top finishers in each category, which can range from two to six manufacturers and may include ties. Each subcategory could potentially include hundreds of contenders.

As in preceding years, AutomationDirect has been among the top finishers in several subcategories for key automation components!

Control, PLC

For PLCs, the wide offering of AutomationDirect programmable controller product families took fourth place. AutomationDirect offers three main PLC families:

The range of options lets users choose exactly the right fit for their applications.

Hardware, Operator Interface

For operator interfaces, also known as HMIs, AutomationDirect products took third place. AutomationDirect HMIs include a range of products such as text panels, large marquee message displays, ATLAS industrial monitors, and many C-more touch panel HMI versions. The C-more is also available in a “headless” version to support remote monitoring and large-screen display applications.

Control, Motion Controller

For motion controller hardware, AutomationDirect products took fifth place. AutomationDirect has a complete family of servo controllers, motors, gearboxes, and linear actuators which are easy to use and provide an excellent price to performance ratio. The servo controls also integrate tightly with BRX and Productivity PLCs, for streamlined automation.

Why AutomationDirect is a Readers’ Choice

AutomationDirect can provide virtually any hardware or software needed for your automation projects. As the Control Design 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards demonstrate, AutomationDirect delivers based on many qualities:

  • Ease of use
  • Extensive product families with leading features
  • Ready availability
  • High value
  • Industry leading support

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