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You Get MORE and MORE with C-more!

Hopefully you have had a chance to check out the upgraded hardware in our C-more® HMI family. If not, check it out here. We are excited to share with you an improvement we have made to the C-more family that we think is pretty awesome- the new and improved C-more EA9 Software Version 6.0! This software delivers more functionality, more usability and more value to our popular C-more HMIs.

The C-more EA9 Software Version 6.0 is packed with features and upgrades intended to give you more for less!

C-more HMI
C-more HMI software

Check out all the “MORE” you can get with the new C-more HMI Software!

MORE Logic…

  • New tag combinations allow for simple logic with multiple events
  • Combine up to four different tags to trigger actions based on logical results

MORE Math…

  • New math functions allow you to create custom formulas with constants or tag values
  • The Math Keypad provides simple and complex operations including log, sine, and square root

MORE Alarming Options…

  • Enhanced Alarm List offers more options for alarm customization
  • New alarm filters allow for dedicated alarm summaries

MORE Accessibility…

  • The new Object Layer List Window shows all the objects on the active screen and allows you to lock/unlock, hide/unhide objects or quickly select them for editing
  • The Object Layer List also allows you to access individual objects in a group without ungrouping and has additional lists for hidden, locked or overlapping objects
  • Recipe database that supports 99 recipe sheets, each with 1000 recipes of 256 possible tags or values can now be modified and saved on the fly by the operator while the machine is running
  • New menu options, customization toolbars and updated graphics for improved ease of use

LESS Cost…

  • With software priced at $99 and hardware starting at just $499, C-more is designed to give you one of the best costs of ownership, considering initial price, features, ease of use, reliability and free award winning technical support

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