If you’re not familiar with it, LinkedIn is an online professional networking site used by businesses and individuals for recruiting and networking purposes. LinkedIn is home to more than 200 million users in over 200 countries/territories. However, there is more to LinkedIn than just jobs and resumes; LinkedIn can help with your business needs, connect with peers, and more. LinkedIn has developed a very powerful connection engine which hosts all kinds of helpful conversations. This platform is known as LinkedIn Groups and users may join these groups to start discussions which matter to them. Of course the one group you need to be certain to join is the AutomationDirect System Integrator Community  LinkedIn Group.[hozbreak]

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AutomationDirect System Integrator Community

The AutomationDirect System Integrator Community LinkedIn Group is an ideal place to connect AutomationDirect integrators with each other and with potential customers in need of integration services. As of July 2013, the group included 74 members with several active discussion threads. While many in the group work for System Integrator firms (and several are members of the SI Direct Program), there are also members from a variety of industries.

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The AutomationDirect System Integrator Community LinkedIn group has helped connect integrators to partner with each other, and connect members who need advice from or services of an integrator. For example, there was a discussion thread started by an end user who needed help measuring water volume in a vessel using mass, flow or pressure. On this thread, an integrator posted several suggestions with pros and cons to consider based on past experience with similar measurements and newer technology.

If you are an SI Direct member (or an integrator/designer), you need to join the group! If you’re not an integrator, but might need to hire one—you need to join the group!

Join our AutomationDirect System Integrator community at: www.linkd.in/YvU4wY.

Originally Posted: Sept. 24, 2013